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Have a Kenmore front loader now, had it for 7+ years. Every house in the UK pretty much has a front loader.

The one we had in the UK was over 12 years old when we moved and was still going strong after a couple of motor brush replacements.

+1000 on front loaders being superior!
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I can't say anything about the longevity yet, but I do know our electric bill went down by 25% right after we bought our front loader. It uses less water, but the main savings comes from the electric dryer running only half as long because the clothes have less water to dry out because of the faster spinning action.
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I agree that the front loaders are more efficient, but looking at the way the weight is balanced and distributed top loaders are likely to last longer all other thing being equal.

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I have a whirlpool Duet- 2thingsgondbad. One the front boot wore a hole in it and poured water everywhere

Then one of the front Shocks broke the mount point off. I duct taped the **** out of it and havent had an issue since. But still for 1100$ I should NEVER have an Issue
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We have recently purchased Samsung front loading washer and dryer and have been great so far. no complaints, really quite and fast, not really sure if I will be able to see the cost savings on the electric bill though.

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I'm on my second front-loader in ten years. The first is going strong in our rental house.

The first one is a Whirlpool Neptune, which has had a few problems, such as a well-known problem with the main control board. The second is an LG front-loader that is just great (although only 18 months old).

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Jan 2007
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We bought the LG about 5 months ago its great and the 5 year extended Home Depot warranty for 99 bucks leaves me with at least some piece of mind

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We have an Amana washer, dryer, and refrigerator. We bought each new when we moved into our house. Some time after installation, but within warranty period, the washer made horrible noises. SWMBO called the dealer; some joker told her that most likely the transmission was ill and would need replacing, which wouldn't cost us, BUT, he would most likely destroy the pump in the process and that WOULD cost us. Well, needless to say, his manager didn't think it necessary to ruin the pump to replace the tranny. Makes me wonder how many people get taken on that??
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Flyin' Lion
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We replaced our Kenmore washer with a Speedqueen after the Kenmore gave us only five years run time (maybe three loads a week). Speedqueens are commercial grade washers with all metal gears/parts (no plastic).

They aren't 'pretty,' but they work (and hopefully last).

EDIT: It's a top loader.
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Kenmore does not make appliances, they just rebrand others. Our Kenmore washer and dry is the Whirlpool Duet with a couple functions removed. We have had it for 6 years without and problems. I will however keep an eye on it for the problem described here. That does seem to be a very highly stressed bearing. It is no wonder these are more expensive than the traditional top loaders.


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