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Old 02-18-2009, 06:36 AM   #1
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Hey all,

I bottle all my homebrew and I am wondering how you guys store your bottled brew. the reason I ask is because I have always stored mine at room temp and just throw a few in the fridge as I want to drink them.. So they may be at room temp for 2 or 3 months.. Is this ok? Should they be refrigerated after they are fully carbed?

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That's what I do. It's not the best, but it seems to work alright.

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same here, i never have problems with this method
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I bottle as well and do the same thing. AFAIK the longer the beer sits at a little below room temperature the better, up to a certain amount of time (six months maybe). The yeast never really stop working in there until you put the beer in the fridge.

I might be wrong though, maybe Revvy or someone else will chime in here...
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room temp is fine. you just want to keep them in a dark place. light is not your beers friend.
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In a box in the fruit cellar.

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I have a whole set of shelves full of various home brews in the cellar. Stays between 60F and 65F which is a great stable temp for long term aging of beer or wine. Many more beers than i have room for under refrigeration.

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Old 02-18-2009, 02:06 PM   #8
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My cases are stored at room temp, and I load up the fridge when they are ready...hopefully it's with two or three ready batches...

But this is the best storage way I have ever seen...I wish I had the space.

Originally Posted by -TH- View Post
is a legal size filing cabinet. It fits 10 6-packs per drawer perfectly for a grand total of 240 bottles per cabinet. This one is an old Steelcase of good quality so it handles the weight of full bottles quite well. I love the fact I can store so many bottles in such a small footprint but also have good access to any of my batches. And its nice and dark in there!

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i keep mine in a cabinet in the bar in the man cave. They are 65 deg most of the time. Works great for conditioning the medium gravity stuff.
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I keep mine in a pit a dug in the basement. I just lower them down in a basket on a rope and the girl I have in the pit takes them out and loads empties back in for my next bottling session.

One thing I haven't figured out is what my beer tastes like. She only ever seems to send back empty bottles... Huh... And they are always covered in lotion...

Oh, well, they are at the right temp, and that's what matters!

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