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I am now enjoying my 2nd brew, a Munton's Light American Ale extract kit that my wife requested. It seems to have very high carbination and very clear. The beer is chilled to 45F or so.

However, when I pour it into a clean dry room temperature glass it foams up immediately and I end up with one inch of beer and a glass of foam. The head takes minutes to go down before I can pour some more in. This happens even when I pour slowly and gently down the side.

But, if I pour it into a wet glass that has just been rinsed, I get a good pour with mostly beer and an inch of head. I don't even have to be real gentle with it.

OK, all you gurus and chemists out there ...... comments? Any problem with using a wet glass?
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Sorry no answer for ya, but I am interested in seeing if someone knows why this happens from time to time, I had an IPA a year ago become instant foam once touching glass.

edit: It did stop though with a couple more weeks in the bottles
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Reason: it eventually died down though with some more time in the bottles though

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Something in your water maybe?

I don't know, I got a C in high school chem. I'm the wrong person to ask.
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If the water is still a little soapy, that will really reduce foaming action.
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I have seen this and now usually quickly rinse a clean glass under COLD water. This produces a 4 times better pour.

All other things accounted for, I suspect it is surface resistance of the dry glass causing the brew to tumble down the side of the dry glass, causing foam.
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I've noticed this effect as well, though I have no idea what causes it. Magic? Elves? Magic Elves?
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Jan 2009
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Originally Posted by kaptain_karma View Post
I've noticed this effect as well, though I have no idea what causes it. Magic? Elves? Magic Elves?
I'm guessing a mix of all 3

I can't even give a reliable answer...I know back during a vacation to Dublin, the Guinness storehouse said "pour into a cold glass to reduce excess foaming", or it could have been "pout into a clean, room temperature glass", or "reduce pour into foaming cold glass"

hmm...guess that's why Guinness is so d@mn good.

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I'm guessing its the temperature. The warm glass will force all the dissolved CO2 out of solution since the amount of total dissolved gas you can get into a solution goes up as the temperature goes down. (this is why you have to wait till your wort cools to oxygenate it). I wonder if you rinse in warm/hot water if it has big or small head?

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I store my glasses in the keezer, and I have noticed the same thing. I'll wet them first and I get a perfect pour.

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Rinsing removes dust. If present, dust forms nucleation points encouraging the evolution of co2 from the liquid.

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