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There was another thread yesterday, it just got bumped, and the title is confusing....but
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Originally Posted by EvilTOJ View Post
I have two carboys that have cracks like that. I've used them fine with no problems. As long as you don't pick em up by the neck they'll be fine.
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The price on glass carboys is dropping here, so I'll be adding some more to my arsenal of fermenters. Like Gnomey said, it's all about knowing your equipment and your own limitations regarding said equipment. In my opinion, milk crates are mandatory when using glass carboys.

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When I first started in brewing (last fall), I read a bunch about glass vs plastic, and from what I remember I concluded that no matter how good of plastic, oxygen can still permeate the plastic and get into your beer, and plastic retains beers/smells ect., so glass was the way to go. -- but, it's weird, how when stuff like this happens, so many people start talking about their better bottles being so much "better."

So, before I buy any more glass carboys, what are opinions about pluses/minuses of glass/plastic?

(And I have watched that youtube video of someone pushing a full Better Bottle off of a table onto concrete, and it does make the plastic attractive in that aspect!)

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So you should NOT use these as I have been doing since I got them a year ago?

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Feb 2009
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Guys I understand what you're going through. And I can't blame any of you for switching to Better Bottles. But for those that do I would be glad to take those glass carboys off your hands.

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Old 02-21-2009, 01:34 AM   #37
Jan 2009
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Here's the thing with glass though, many of you reply to this thread almost arrogantly of how you've used glass for so long with no problems but the bottom line is that glass has a higher catastrophic failure rate than plastic. I've done nothing wrong with my carboy and in only 2 uses developed stress cracks on the neck. This could turn out very badly for people less observant of equipment conditions or unlucky. I would gladly have paid more money for a carboy with thicker glass and would be happy to use it. I'm not saying glass is bad however the current market for fermenters must be driving down the price and quality of glass carboys on the market. If I were to stumble upon older glass carboys with nice thick glass I'd buy them in a second but for me I'm going to BB's for new purchases. Also Midwest has been more than gracious in their offer of sending me a 5 gallon BB and stopper to replace the damaged glass one I have. My dealings with them have been outstanding thus far and I plan to buy from them for some time.

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Jan 2009
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I too have been using carboys for years making wine. Never had anything like that. I did hear of the mexican made carboys being poorer was actually returned because it had a staple embedded in the glass!!

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you only hear about disasters but you don't hear about how often things go off without a hitch. I'm a chemist so by nature i use glass because in my mind i think it's cleaner/more sanitary. I can't really argue that better bottles are cheaper and safer though... so to each his own.

Also there are different types of glass and i would love some type of borosilicate glass to use as a carboy.
Types of Glass
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Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
I agree totally.....I think the issue is two gets brittle with age, so older ones may fail over time...and newer ones, especially made in the last couple years are more than likely made by companies who don't give a flying fuq if their products last or not, and will cut corners every step of the way to make a buck....

Now adays, especially with such a viable replacement, it just doesn't seem worth the risk anymore...especially since the price has spiked.
I have to take you to task on one point: "glass gets brittle with age, so older ones may fail over time".

That's total horse$hit.

If there is a manufacturing defect in a glass product, it can and may fail.

Quality glass will last for multiple lifetimes and it never get's more "brittle" than it was at the very day of manufacture.

No one will be using a "better bottle" bought today 100 years from now (and I'm being generous with the years). With proper care, my grandchildren's grand children will use my carboys, much as I have used my great grandparent's crocks.

"Better" Bottles may be a viable replacement, much the way plastic milk jugs replaced the quart milk bottle. But viable has rarely meant better.

Anyhow.."glass gets brittle with age", HOR$E$HIT.

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