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Don't worry about the head space I use 7 gal carboys for secondaries all the time the CO2 layer that forms will protect your beer, just don't do a lot of splashing around. Your beer is not ruined I'm sure it is just fine I've had lots of beers look like that in the secondary.
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Originally Posted by impatient View Post
All this is is the yeast in suspension settling out. It's not oxidation (you can't see it, it's a chemical reaction) it's not ruined, it's perfectly normal.

Originally Posted by stevenryals View Post
I was going to ask..

if your beer is oxidized.... could you use the drill bit stir thingy to knock the o2 out, like you do when making wine??
NO no noooo!!! Stirring it up will not only put the yeast back into suspension, but if there's any oxygen in the carboy at all, it'll oxidize it even more. The process you're describing is called de-gassing, to get all the CO2 out of suspension. Wine makers also add campden tablets during this process to get rid of oxidation.

Originally Posted by CnnmnSchnpps View Post
Check out these shots of yeast settling out over time.. I think it might answer your question

Tech - Settling Yeast for Decanting - Maltose Falcons Home Brewing Society (Los Angeles Homebrewing)
This is exactly what's going on. Cold crashing hastens the process, but I wouldn't put it below freezing.
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Originally Posted by EvilTOJ View Post
All this is is the yeast in suspension settling out. It's not oxidation (you can't see it, it's a chemical reaction)...
Not to argue with your point, but just because it was a chemical doesn't mean you can't see it. Rust is oxidation, why do you think the copper statue of liberty is green? Or if you've ever used iodine to test for a complete conversion of starches.
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there is probably nothing wrong with this brew.


see mine? very similar. it cleared up after another week or so, and is crystal clear now.

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Old 02-16-2009, 06:11 PM   #25

You really need to minimize the headspace in your secondary vessel, or you will encounter the unpleasantries of oxidation sooner than later.

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Originally Posted by flyangler18 View Post
You really need to minimize the headspace in your secondary vessel, or you will encounter the unpleasantries of oxidation sooner than later.
That was my thought at well. I boil a quart or so of water before I rack to the secondary. If I can't fill it up to the neck from the primary, I siphon enough boiled water in to do the job. FWIU, boiling should remove most of the oxygen. I could care less about the small amount of dilution, I don't have the ability to hit my target SG's that well anyway.

How long can you secondary and still have fair shot at bottle/keg conditioning successfully without adding new yeast?
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It does look like settling yeast. Notice how you can see some shapes through the darker part, but you cannot see anything through the lighter part.
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has this began to drop down the bottle yet?

over a few days you should be able to see a visible difference in the top/bottom ratio...

just wondering..
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Old 02-16-2009, 08:09 PM   #29

It is yeast settling out. Nothing to worry about.

Yes, you want to keep headspace to a minimum, but it isn't something I normally fret over. You can't see oxidation - at least not after only a few weeks. But you will taste it. As long as you siphoned well and didn't splash during transfer, I wouldn't worry about that.

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if it is yeast settling out, couldn't he put a flash light on one side of it, and see it well in the dark top side and not so well in the below that? just asking my noob question in case im ever trying to figure it out

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