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Feb 2009
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Quick question. I have had experience with brewing wines and meads, but this is my first beer attempt. To make things easy, I decided to start off with a canned extract.

I am a little confused on just how many cans for a 5 gallon batch, however. Most of the cans I have been looking at come in 3.3 pound sizes (or there abouts.)

As far as I can make out, you can use 1 can, but you also have to dump in a lot of corn sugar to make up for it, but you really should use 2 cans (or 6 pounds?)

Could someone clarify this for a newbie? Thanks!

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Most kits do come with 2 cans of liquid extract or 1 can and 3 lbs of dry extract. 6 lbs of extract is going to give you a regular strength 4%-5% beer. You can use corn sugar but you're not going to get flavor, just beer. For your first try I would suggest picking up a kit at your local home brew store. It'll have 2 cans of extract plus steeping grains, hops and depending on the brand decent directions too.
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Your mileage will vary.

1. Follow the instructions and you'll get the beer as designed: dry, moderate alcohol level, low malt flavor.
2. If you are using UN-hopped extract, then you can use two cans.
3. If the can is pre-hopped AND you want a more flavorful beer, substitute dry malt extract for the sugar.
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kits contain 3.75 lb. malt, but they need more.
...but what should you add? ...and how much?
We give you 6 different options:
1. None - Maybe you plan to purchase something special, or you already have something to use.
2. 2.2lb Dextrose - Lowest "finished beer cost." It makes a extra-light-bodied (thin) beer.
3. 2.2lb Brew Enhancer 1 - Blended dextrose and maltodextrine. Makes light-bodied beer.
4. 1.75lb Brew Enhancer 1.5 - Blended Malt Extract and Dextrose. For moderate strength and body.
5. 2.2lb Brew Enhancer 2 - Blended Malt Extract, dextrose, and maltodextrine. Moderately full-bodied.
6. 3.3lb Malt Extract - This makes stronger beer, with the richest flavor and fullest body.
Each makes 5 gallons
These no-boil kits include dried yeast, but we give you the option of upgrading to WYeast "Activator" ready-to-pitch live yeast cultures. Live yeast cultures cost a bit more, but it also makes superior quality beer. If you choose the live yeast option, you'll still get the included dry yeast packet (because it's sealed under the kit lid.) Even though you have both, don't use the dry packet.
Here's some really important information: These no-boil kits should not be boiled. Some people will tell you that boiling will make the kit better. That's not true. These kits have already been fully boiled at the brewery. Extra boiling you might do is over-boiling. It just wastes time and energy, and it reduces hop aroma.

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