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Jan 2009
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I'm somewhat new to kegging (ball lock cornies) and haven't really run into this yet.

When I finish a keg, it's usually no big deal to drain the pressure, open it up and give it a quick rinse. I do a thorough cleaning just prior to refilling.

Here's the sitch. I'm out of town for a few days and I've got a keg that has been emptied but it's still pressurized and slowly coming up to room temperature. Things happen when you're trying to get out of the house and I just didn't have time to clean it out properly.

How hard is it going to be to clean this thing when I get back? Will all the gunk inside harden up in a CO2 environment or am I looking at an easy rinse out?
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Jan 2009
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Can't say what an "easy" rinse-out is, but all you need to do is give that thing a good soak in hot oxyclean and you'll be fine.

I let them sit for months sometime with beer residue in them. Some get harder to clean than others, but I always oxyclean them regardless of how long they sit. Never had one be uncleanable.
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Oct 2008
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3 or 4 of my kegs still had Pepsi in them. Based on the date on the co2 tank that came with it the Pepsi was over 13 years old.

They cleaned up fine.

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Jun 2008
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I don't have oxy handy, so I stick with 'rinsing them now saves me work later'. Soak in oxy you should be just fine!
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No worries. I can let mine site for as long as a week and never have any more trouble than when they're freshly emptied.

As long as they're sealed and under CO2 pressure, nothing is going to happen.

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Oct 2005
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They're sealed, so they can't dry out.
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ever see the picture of the maggots in Jamils kegs? Now I think they sat too long. But really pepsi has been in them forever and a day before we get them. Oxi works like a champ

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Old 02-14-2009, 02:08 AM   #8
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I'm guessing Jamil de-pressurized his...I can't imagine anything getting into pressurized kegs. I usually let mine sit under pressure until I'm ready to use them again. No point cleaning twice.
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The batch I bought had a bunch of kegs that I swear had soda syrup that was YEARS old in them... A good soak in hot water and Oxyclean for a day or so cleaned them right out...
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Feb 2008
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+1 on hot oxy or pbw soak
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