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Playing around with Beersmith and some extra ingredients I have in the freezer. This is my first attempt at making my own recipe so... If I have some strange combinations of ingredients please let me know. Not sure how somethings will taste together.

American IPA


Est OG 1.069
Est FG 1.018
61.5 IBU

11.5 # Pale Malt (2-row)
1# Munich
.75 # Crystal 60L

1oz Centennial (60 min) 9.1%
1oz Centennial (30 min)
.05oz Glacier (5 min) 6%

1.5oz Centennial (Dry Hop)
.25oz Golding (Dry Hop) 4.1%

Yeast will be the from an earlier brews cake... WLP 051 California common

Once again...I'm not sure how the 'pairing' of ingredients should go yet....Beersmith is a great too as far as numbers go...but....will it be drinkable?

Any Batch Mash temp/times suggestions would be helpful too...


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Glacier won't do anything for you in an IPA. Can you say boring???
The centennial will probably snuff out the goldings. What else do you have?
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I've move the second hop addition later -- to 15 or ten minutes. I don't know Glacier but Centennial and the Golding should be nice.

And you really don't want to use the Cali Common yeast for an IPA. Get a two dollar pack of Safale US 05.
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I don't know that I would say Glacier is boring, but I would agree that it is not a great choice for an American IPA. Now if you wanted an English style IPA, it would be more appropriate. I find Glacier to be very Fuggle-like - a bit woodsy. Glacier is very nice in Porters and Stouts.

I'd take the Glacier and use it at 60 min, and then reduce the amount of Centennial at 60' just enough to keep the IBUs at the same level as the all Cent. version and then take the extra Centennial and add that at 5 min. I'd also second the moving of the 30 min. addition. I like to use 20 min. - less bitter, more flavor.
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Take your Glacier to dry hop. I assume that is 1/2 ounce?

Take 1/2 ounce off of you Centennial Dry hop and move it to a 10 minute addition.

Take your 30 minute Centennial and move half to of it to 20 minutes and half to 15.

So now you have

1 Oz Centennial at 60
.5 Oz at 20
.5 Oz at 15
.5 Oz at 10

1 Oz Centennial Dry Hop
.5 Oz Glacier Dry Hop (One of my favorite dry hops)
.25 Oz Golding Dry Hop

Your IBU's may drop a bit but the flavor aroma will kick up.



Malty and richer flavored: 156 for 45 minutes.
Dryer and a bit more bitterness: 150 for 75 minutes.

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I expect you will want more malt complexity in it. Despite some of the current fads, AIPAs are not high-gravity hop teas. I would reduce the pale malt by 2 or 3 pounds and bump the Munich by the same amount. I would also consider shifting a couple more pounds of that U.S. pale to Marris Otter.

I like BM's hop schedule, but I would move the 10 minute addition to 7 minutes and consider bumping it to a full ounce. Also consider a half-ounce or full ounce at knockout.

Yeah, on mashing, it's up to you. Personally, I would mash at 152-53, checking for conversion every 20 minutes and stopping with the first test that shows negative for starch. That probably won't be the first test, but I've had mashes convert in 20 minutes before, so I still check then.

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Thanks for the suggestions. As I said...I'm a sure novice in the recipe department...(Hell I gotta look at the forum name just to spell it right....)

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