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Aug 2008
Mundelein, Illinois
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CNN recently released a list of much of the Senate's cuts from the stimulus bill to cut there proposed bill from 900 billion to 780 billion.

I understand many of the cuts, yet a few seems necessary for the "stimulus" part to work.

• $3.5 billion for energy-efficient federal buildings (original bill $7 billion)
• $16 billion for school construction (entire amount of what was in there)
• $3.5 billion for higher education construction (entire amount of what was in there)

That is $23 billion dollars worth of construction costs that would enliven our much maligned construction industry from the common carpenter to the high tech solar panel installationist. Yet they decide that is one of the smart things to remove, and not stimulate our economy.
Yet they leave in things such as this:

• $650 million to help convert to digital cable. (tv is a luxury, if you cant afford it, too bad)
• $1 billion to fix problems with the 2010 census. (hell no)
• $4.7 billion for the Department of Homeland Security to secure the homeland (wtf mate)
• $5 billion for military upgrades for military barracks and dormitories, defense national guard preparedness, upgrades to health, dental, and child care to military families.
• $320 million for grants to Indian tribes for transportation investments. (no)

I'm a supporter of our military and think they should get the money they need, but this is supposed to be an economic stimulus bill, not an updated GI bill and believe that should be in a separate bill itself.

Thank you for listening...just had to blow some steam.

Below are links to info about the stimulus bill, the second one is real interesting because it breaks down spending AND includes an excel file comparing the House and Senate bill spending itemized.

What got cut from the stimulus bill - CNN.com
Senate-passed stimulus package by the numbers - Scientists & Engineers for America Action Fund

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Nov 2007
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$800 billion bill that no one likes to begin with gets jacked to $1 trillion, when people really start to complain, we cut $200 billion, bring the total to $800 billion, and we are heros! Look at us, we cut $200 billion dollars of pork, yay us!!!

Damn I need a job in government.....
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The Pol
Feb 2007
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I think the best way to stimulate the economy would be to cut an ADDITIONAL 800 BILLION from the proposal and for people to stop being scared and grow some balls. Just think 800 BILLION less debt!

But, of course, then we cannot keep the subjects in fear and fully dependent on the govt.

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Oct 2008
Bass Lake, Ca
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word, those with a braqin hate the whole idea...
same with TARP!

anyone ever heard of CAPITOLISM?

anyway, i married a financial analyst. i hear, and discuss for hours on end every day.
its bad
too hard to keep up with whats in the primary and whatnot.

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Aug 2008
Mundelein, Illinois
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yeah capitolism! we just dont have it in this country anymore now

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We have a place for political rants in the debate thread. If this is something you enjoy but do not have access to, then you should consider that type of membership.
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