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I just got back from lamaze class and finished dry hopping my Two Hearted clone and was wondering, does brewing stop after birth? I have one "safe" weekend left to brew my welcome back off the wagon present for my wife (SWMBO Slayer). I brewed the first a while back but its not going to make it long enough. I know my worries are probably just due to freaking out from whats about to happen (RDWHAHB) but I know its going to be hard working 10-12 hours a day and finding time for the fam. Once he gets old enough I think it's something we can do together and have fun with but boiling liquid and propane burners are no place for a new born.

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Bernie Brewer
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I already had one kid when I started brewing. Having the second one around didn't change anything. Some folks around here have their kids help them when they brew. My kids hate the smell, so they won't help. My oldest thinks the stir plate is pretty cool, though.
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I have a son that's going on 2 months. He's Like Bernie Brewer's kids not much help!!

I think you'll find you can still brew, you just need to plan ahead a little further. Don't surpise SWMBO with, ah.... "Oh yah, I'm brewing today..." I think its a good way to get them upset if they had plans to go out and have you watch the kid. This will be my issue as I get back to doing AG outside.

When the weather is bad, I do PM's with partial boils on the stove.

I brewed a partial mash two weeks ago, with the kid swinging away in his swing. I can give him a bottle then strap him into swing and he will be occupied for 45 minutes easily. When I lay him down to sleep he is zonked for 4 hours. They seem to get into a feeding & sleep schedule that you can work/brew around.

If I were you, brew like crazy now, after the kid comes you will need the stash for awhile. Tides you over until all 3 of you are in a routine.
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I will never stop...
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Maybe a little.

It better not, I took delivery of a BM 2 days after my second came home.

He's 4 weeks old now and I already have 2 fermenters going.

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Jan 2009
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My dad brewed all the time when I was a wee one, round about 2-5 years old. I started brewing in college, and it was the weirdest thing in the world. I have only fleeting memories of him brewing when I was little, but as soon as I smelled the boiling wort it immediately took me back. Keep brewing, your kids will have great memories!

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No, it won't stop, but if this is your first, it will definitely slow down for awhile. At least until they start sleeping through the night.
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Feb 2008
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You know that legal limit thing.............................
Have kids

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my son is 6. he likes to munch on the grains out of the bag while i'm mashing in, and likes throwing in the hops into the boil for me, and helps generally however i need him to.
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I already had two kids when I started. In my case, I find it hard to grab some brewing time. I'm home with my younger one in the mornings during the week, go to work in the afternoons into the night. I don't have weekends free until the summer, and then it's family time because I spend much of the fall and winter away from home.

I think it largely comes down to personal choice. I choose not to take time away from my family to brew. I much prefer to steal some time when the family is not around, ie when I have a day off during the week. That's why my production is not what I would like it to be.

But when the second one starts school full time in the fall, all bets are off.

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