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Aug 2008
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The title says it all. I hate The Brewing Network. That one is just not for me. What do you peeps think?
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I am still a noob, so The Basicbrewing.com videos work well for me for very basic info because they aren't that smart (Like me)

If I really want to know my crap, then I'll listen to the Brewing Network shows, but I REALLY have to listen extra hard and keep pausing and backtracking to make sure the info sinks in.

In short, they all have info, it just depends on your desire for knowledge and the quality of your attention span IMO

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The Brewing Network has several podcasts. Do you dislike them all and equally?
Not disagreeing, just asking.
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I'm not a big fan of TBN either, I think maybe because I am older don't like all the cross-talk and drunken off topic stuff gets on my nerves, or all the music breaks like it is radio or something...The two I listen to are.

Basic Brewing : Home Brewing Beer Podcast and DVD - Welcome
Very slickly done, a professional sound and short to the point shows on various topics.

And CraftBrewer Radio

This was actually the first brewing podcast ever, it actually started 10 years ago as a radio show on Australian radio, a little more chatty, BUT the host and co-host have a combined 60 years of brewing knowledge, and some of the things they discuss, and they do are amazing...John Palmer used to write to them and ask questions, before anyone knew who he was...
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The Jamil Show and Brew Strong contain excellent information once you get past (or desensitized to) the drunken banter and locker-room humor.

Otherwise, I enjoy listening to James Spencer on Basic Brewing Radio.

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Jun 2008
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I've found Basic Brewing Radio to the best, though lately it seems as though there's less emphasis on practical stuff and a little more on peripheral (audio recording of a brew session, nice, but not very helpful). Since BBR is a few years old I started at the beginning and listened every day. Lotta good stuff there. I got a kick out of an older show that had a comment from 'Revvy' from HBT.

I love the book Brewing Classic Styles -- it really is amazing -- but the Jamil Show is about 90 percent froth and ten percent useful gems. To get to that ten percent you have to wade through a lot of stuff. I finally realized that I should just skip to after the first break, about twelve minutes in, because nothing important ever happened in the first section.
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Ya, the Jamil show isn't really that great, but it would be pretty tough to talk about one beer style for an hour.

I do really like Brew Strong, though. Definitely pick and choose which episodes to listen to, but there is a TON of info in them and they always have cool/relevant guests on. For example in the "Sanitation" episode they had a guy from star-san

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Feb 2008
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I like the Sunday session because it is the most entertaining and shows are usually three hours long so I can spend a few days listiening to it in my car on my way to work. They do get off topic A LOT and there is A LOT of potty humor.

Brew Bubbas is a good podcast.

I also listen to James Spencer but sometimes he can get pretty dull.
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I love James Spencer's stuff. He has a corny sense of humor and I like his humble attitude. I used to listen to Jamil and I think there is some good information there, but I stopped liking his shows for several reasons, some of which have already been mentioned on here.

LGI, listen to the Jamil show on Ordinary Bitter (I think that's the one). You'll get a kick out of how he pronounces "draught" right after bragging about going to the UK and sampling the beers.

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Feb 2007
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Originally Posted by Parker36 View Post
Ya, the Jamil show isn't really that great, but it would be pretty tough to talk about one beer style for an hour.
I'll agree that the later Jamil shows went a little downhill, but the earlier episodes were chock full of brewing tips and hints alongside great discussion of the topic style and how to brew it. That show pretty much taught me what was important in brewing.
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