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I have the Jamil/Palmer book brewing classic styles which is a great book. I have a question about the recipes that I can not seem to find the answer in the book. Many of the recipes list a zero minute hop addition. What does this mean exactly? There is not mention in the book of dry hopping so I figured that this meant dry hopping, but last time I had an email correspondence with Jamil, he said he doesn't use secondaries very often. Does anyone know the answer to this question? Does zero minute hop addition mean dry hop or does it mean turn off the boil and immediately add hops.

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It means add them at flameout to let them steep in the hot wort.

Also, you can dry hop in the primary.

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In "brewerspeak" Zero minute hop addition and flameout are the same...When the timer goes bing drop in the hops and turn off flame and/or remove the kettle from the heatsource, and begin your chilling process.

The reason for this is so you don't drive off the extremely volatile oils that give you a hoppy aroma.
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Originally Posted by Revvy View Post

The reason for this is so you don't drive off the extremely volatile oils that give you a hoppy aroma.
Doesn't the action of fermentation do this, though?

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Aroma and flavor that are derived during the boil and steeping are “locked in” because of the high temperature environment.

Aroma (and flavor) derived by dry hopping at cooler fermentation temperatures is more susceptible to being scrubbed by the vigorous fermentation.

This is why dry hopping the primary during early fermentation it is not recommended.

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How long should the flame out addition be allowed to steep before cooling? Will hop aroma increase/decrease if the hops are allowed to sit at near boiling for longer?
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I toss them in and give them a stir so they get fully wet, then I start chilling.
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For what its worth, knockout is defined on page 17 "(when the heat is turned off)" -- found under the "Hop Character" heading, but you're right, they could have made it clearer that this means a zero-minute hop addition.

My only very minor complaint about this majestic work is that the JP/JZ sections are so very clearly the product of two different authors. I think this is once of the cases where the seams show.
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i agree with bobby- i drop in my wort chiller to sanitize it, stir **** up a little, dump in the hops, and kill the gas

chilling needs to begin IMMEDIATELY or your 0 min addition might as well be a 5 min...

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