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Aug 2008
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I'm a big fan of Gordan Ramsey and it seems that scallops are always one of the foods cooked on his shows. (My favorite is "Kitchen Nitmares"). Anyway I'm not real big on seafood and I was wondering if they are fishy tasting.

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Well, they are shellfish.

I don't know what you mean by fishy. Scallops are one of my favorite things. They are extremely sweet and tender if cooked correctly (ie, don't fry the damn things). I wouldn't call them overly fishy.

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They don't seem fishy at all to me- but then, I love seafood! I would compare them more to shrimp as far as texture and flavor. Sauteed scallops are one of my favorite foods!
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well ithey taste like seafood - I wouldn't say it taste fishy though

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Bernie Brewer
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Back when I worked in the meat/seafood department of a grocery store I wanted to throttle every customer that asked me if a certain fish tastes fishy. Of course it does- it's fish!
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hummmm scallops, one of the recipe i love doing with those is having them "Sauté" in the pan with a strong homemade garlic and herbs butter and a hint of lemon juice.

The texture of scallops is often mentioned as being "rubber like" by people who taste it the first time, but they don't taste like Tuna or Salmon at all if that is what you are referring to.
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After reading this thread, I got an overwhelming craving for raw oysters. Haven't had them since I left Japan, and I didn't miss them until just now.

As for the original question... I want to say no. It's tough to be sure, because everyone means something different when they say "fishy." Scallops are clearly seafood in taste, but they don't really taste like anything else. I would describe their flavor as scallopy, because they're unique. The texture is close to shrimp, though more tender. The flavor is so tough to describe... Delicious is a good adjective here. If you don't like shrimp though, you probably won't like scallops either.

I prefer them simple. Either raw on a bed of rice or cooked directly over an open flame with just a kiss of lemon.

Edited: Unless you're a huge seafood junkie, you won't like them raw.
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I think scallops are really boring, but take that with a boulder of salt: I go for the tentacles in the basket of calamari, the mackerel on the nigiri menu, and mussels are my favorite shellfish.
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Generally fishy taste comes from fish or shellfish that is not fresh. The part of the scallop you eat is the abductor muscle that holds the two shells together. The flavor is both sweet and delicate. Scallops will turn rubbery if over cooked. My favorite way to cook them is just to sear them quickly in a very hot pan and serve over pasta Alfredo.

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Scallops are great... unless you are working on a scallop boat. They are pretty benign as far as a fish flavor. Mmmmmm! Good!

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