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May 2006
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I was cooking up a batch of muntons old ale..I have been useing their kits till i get used to brewing again..getting ready to go grain next time around...well here's what happened...i get the kit and they usually call for 3 lbs of DME..well the bags of DME are 3.3 pounds..but who cares i like strong i add the can of extract and get it heated up...then i slowly start to add all the DME then i finnaly start to read the instructions...oh sh##t..only brews 6 1/2 litres...i just added enough DME to run a alcahol dragster!...i added enough water to make the 6 1/2 litres....OMG!!!! Hydrometer allmost jumped out of the tube...ok so i figured i'd just add water to get the OG. to 1064 where it's supposed to be which turned out to be around 4 gallons total...figured i'd at least give it a chance to turn into something weather it was drinkable of not..well i put it in the primary and after 3 days i went to secondary carboy and let it sit for 4 days and SG was i kegged it and i have to let it sit for a minimum of 4 the way i took a rather large sample ...well around a pint..chilled it in the freezer..and guess what it's grrreat!....i guess sometimes mistakes can't allways be bad ones...i'm a typical man put it together then read instructions..i guess not all kits make 6 the moment i allready have 5 gallons of pilsner in a keg thats 2 weeks old i am dieing to drink but i need the black ball lock fittings which i ordered a week ago which i found out were shipped on 6/6/06...just my f##king luck !!!i hope i'm getting them friday i'm haveing a party and i hope i'll have some real beer to serve and not just some skunk water from the drive through!!!

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Oct 2005
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Sounds like you "found" a Japanese-market kit. They are geared towards small apartments. You've also learned that making beer is a forgiving art. Hope those ball locks come in before your ale has aged too much.
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Dec 2005
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It really is ammazing what you can fumble you way to sometimes. The best ever beer i made was a comedy of errors from start to finish . So much so that I cant replicate it damn it ! Too hot by miles, had reson to beleive i needed to repitch yeast and used two different strains of yeast absolute mess in brewing process but the best beer I've ever made. Go figure, David 42 is right brewing truely is a forgiving art.
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Feb 2006
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If you get in a huge bind you might try a local Pepsi company. They should have the fitting you need and if you are nice and talk to the right person you might get one there.
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Old 07-20-2006, 06:00 AM   #5
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Jul 2006
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I brewed a stout once with juniper berries and ginger root, then oaked it in the secondary. My brew shop owner thought I was crazy when i showed him the recipe i had written. So when it was done i tried it and was pretty dissapointed. I had a few bottles and ended up letting the rest of the batch sit in my fridge for close to 6 months because I didn't think I liked it. Turns out it aged REALLY well! Its now one of my favorite brews. Sadly I just drank the last bottle last week, guess I'll have to make more.

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Old 07-20-2006, 01:22 PM   #6
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Jul 2006
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I brewed a variation of Rocky Raccoon's Crystal Honey Lager in college. I put in about 5 lbs. of strawberries. My beer was pink and pulpy by the time I put it in the mini kegs. All my beer snob friends thought it was a disaster. They laughed at the sight of it in the glass... until they tasted it. We all agreed it was one of the best beers we'd ever had. It was pink, cloudy, but damn if it wasn't delicious to drink!

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