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May 2011
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I used to buy a chlorine tablet at wal-mart for 95 cents and put it into a tote of cold water and let the bottles sit for a day or two, and all the labels would all fall off easily and there would be no glue residue. And I was able to use the water a few times before I dumped it.

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Jan 2011
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What is PBW? Is it chlorine based?

I've got cleaner/sanitiser powder called dwp and I think it's chlorine based. Is it the same stuff?

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Jun 2011
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I use Sun (oxyclean knockoff) that I pick up at the dollar store. Works like a dream.

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Aug 2010
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Put them in a cooler with some ice, let it sit for an hour, and as you crack one open pull the label off. If you need to do more than 12 a day invite some friends over.

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Apr 2008
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Easiest: Michelob crafts, any flavor. Soak a while, they float off.

Most Deceptive: Two Brothers- you'll never soak them off. (Tip: it's a peel-off label, easy as pie.)

My favorite: Tall Guinness Draft bottles with the plastic torpedo in inside (not short Special Export bottles). Label is shrink-on, takes two seconds to slit with a knife and it falls off. Plastic torpedo inside is easily removed with needle-nose pliers. Great bottle.
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Aug 2009
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Having a heck of time with some Brooklyn Oktoberfest labels. Soaked in hot water/Oxyclean. Other labels came off fine..but the Brooklyn are still resistant. Might have to try boiling them.

I rinse several times with water to get rid of any Oxyclean residue. Sometimes I do an additional soak/rinse with acidic water (water + white vinegar). Not sure if it is necessary, and then I have to rinse with water again... Is general consensus that water is enough to get rid of any Oxyclean residue?

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Apr 2007
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Originally Posted by ChillWill View Post
What is PBW? Is it chlorine based?

I've got cleaner/sanitiser powder called dwp and I think it's chlorine based. Is it the same stuff?
No, it is not chlorine based. Active ingredients are sodium metasilicate and sodium carbonate. Similar to oxyclean, with some chelating agents to work better in hard water.

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Old 02-08-2012, 02:01 PM   #88
Jan 2012
Roland, AR
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I am so tired of scrubbing off labels! I had almost gotten to the point where I would just buy new bottles so I didn't have to hassle with it. Until I read the thread here about Oxy-Clean! I soaked these stubborn bottles with ultra sticky labels in the Oxy-Clean and left them over night. And THAT's IT!!! All done. No scrubbing or scraping. No more hassles! Thank you!

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Jan 2012
Lynchburg, VA
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It's not as hard as I thought it would be. I don't find the need for any cleaners or chemicals.

I soak 24 bottles at a time in a bucket of hot water. In about an hour, the label peels off easily.
Then I use a razor blade to get the glue off.

90% of my bottles are Sierra Nevada and they are pretty easy.

I love all of their beers and they also happen to be the cheapest, most sensible way I can buy 12 bottles in a nice sturdy cardboard carrying case for storing/stacking homebrew. (Other than SA or Fat Tire, but I don't like those nearly as much).

Highland and Blue Mountain labels also come very easily.

I stopped buying Loose Cannon Hop3 because the labels are such a pain to get off, even though the beer itself is fantastic.

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Feb 2012
Downers Grove, IL
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My first post and I can give some great advice here: Guinness bottles! Razor the plastic label and needle-nose out the widget and you're done.

There is one terrible flaw to this though, as the bottles are only 11.2oz. Sigh.

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