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Jan 2013
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I just use a couple capfuls of my sanitizer, and fill my sink with luke warm water, and fit as many beer and wine bottles as i can in it. I then let it sit for a few hours. 75% of the labels I can peel off cleanly. The other 25% I usually have to use my nail, or a plastic scraper and scrape them off. If it doesn't come of perfectly, I personally don't care

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Originally Posted by IPAFAN1 View Post
The real problem... Lets all get on the same page, glue or lables? Is everyone here an oxyclean sales rep? Why add anything $$$ just to soak off a paper label? Just plain old water soaks off labels. Hot, cold, doesn't matter. Heck, how many times over the years have we all reached into a cooler full of ice to grab a cold one that's been in there half the day, and the label slides right off? I believe the REAL problem most people are looking to find an answer to, is removing the glue that's left behind. Still trying to figure that out myself. You need the right solvent to dissolve it so it washes away easily. I'm not going to sit there and scrub for hours. This is where the REAL problem lies. It stands to reason that different bottlers likely use different types of adhesive, so there will be no one-size-fits-all solution. The bottles I'm trying to clean from GLBC, water doesn't work on the glue. Neither did mineral spirits. I'll try veg oil next, and if needed, ammonia after that. Maybe it'll be a citrus based solvent. It really depends on the nature of the adhesive. Something out there will do the job. I'm not scrubbing!
Welcome to HBT. And your first post. PM me your address and I will send you a couple empty bottles to delabel. You can post what ever works and end this discussion forever.

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I'll break the "oxyclean" name brand trend. I bought a knock off brand from Dollar Tree. $1 for 1lb of LA's Totally Awesome Power Oxygen Base Cleaner. (same thing essentially).

Cleaned 50 some bottles in under an hour. FWIW, Magic Hat labels almost fall off. Founders are a bit harder

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I just got done removing labels off of Sam Adams bottles. Dropped them in a homer bucket, filled it up with hot water from the faucet up to the top of the bottles and let it sit for about 2 hours. The labels peeled off with ease and the glue was able to scrubbed off with a soapy sponge (rough side). So easy and I didn't have to worry about the deposits left by Oxiclean!

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Wow. It seams no one really uses my method; works great. Stand all your bottles up in the tub, turn the shower on full heat, plug the tub and let the steamy bathroom arise!!! I have had no problems getting the glue right off, and only takes about one hour if you've got two people. I use a strainer after words so no paper goes down the drain...

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Jan 2013
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O.K. I'm over it. Scrubbing ain't so bad. Just turn on some tunes and get 'er done. Got 4 batches in bottles now, and started a second primary this week. Doubled production!
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All I do is boil the bottles for about 10 mins each. Can usually fit about a dozen in my kettle. Just use tongs to take them out and hold with a rag. Use a magic eraser to scrub off the remaining goo.

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Greatly depends on the type of label and glue used. After removing the labels from about 3 cases worth of bottles of varying brands I found that different glues and label types had to be treated differently. First off prepare some b-bright or oxy-clean and hot water. Unlike some I will recommend you DO NOT use your primary fermenting bucket as some of that glue will adhere to the bucket and its a real pain to remove from plastic, a sink works. Try to get the label off before doing anything else, if it comes off in one piece all you have to worry about is the residual glue, and that's easy. These area usually the ones with a foil type label which are stronger but they are somewhat water resistant not allowing the cleanser to soak in. After removal just do a quick soak in the mix and the glue comes off with a scrubbing sponge. For labels that don't come off in one piece, which are usually the paper ones they usually will start to fall apart after a quick soak. I got to a point where perfection wasn't my goal, just the label and what glue I could remove, if there was a little bit of residual, so be it. I then ran the bottles through the dishwasher which to be honest didn't do much more than the above process did but for some bottles it completed the cleaning and for others it just removed the stickyness from the outside plus if you use the drying cycle and are ready to bottle your bottles are sterilized, assuming the inside was already clean as the dishwasher doesn't get inside very well.

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I actually emailed BrewDog the other day saying it's great you have changed from plastic labels to paper but the paper labels are still ****ty to remove. The guy said he would pass it along but no promises.

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What's Oxyclean??

I use a few tablespoons of baking soda in a sink of warm water. Let it sit for a few hours and most labels (and glue) come of with a wipe of a sponge.

For labels printed directly on the bottle I will soak the bottle in a mixture of 1 oz. star-san to about a gallon of water. The image will come off with little effort.

If those don't work I'll generally use a shotgun. While the volume of the bottle will exponentially decrease, so will the frustration level of trying to remove a label that was perfectly happy where it was.

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