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So I accidentally made a really big beer. I was shooting for an OG of 1.080 and got 1.107. Hehe. Whoops.

Why this happened is kind of beside the point. My fermentation has stalled and I've found a little info that says agitating the yeast might help, but doesn't really say how you should go about doing it.

I used the handle end of my mash spoon and swirled all the crap on the bottom (gently of course) to get the yeast back in suspension, but it just settled out again over night.

Do I need to swirl it more often? Do something entirely different? Any help is appreciated!

Temp is sitting in high 60's.
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Gently rock the fermenter each time you pass by.... A few times a day during active fermentation should do it.
Check the SG to make sure it has really stalled. After all, the airlock is not a precision instrument for monitoring yeast activity. (Revvy would be so proud of me)
If it doesn't move in 2 or 3 days, you may need to start looking at other alternatives.
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If the carboy is sitting in a tub, take the tub and twist it side to side in
a rotating manner. 90 degrees to right, 90 degrees to left, etc.

This will minimize the sloshing up top, and maximize the agitation within the
beer. I really liked that idea.
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I have been agitating my two batches of IPA that I am brewing on a regular basis. I am using glass carboys with blow off tubes on them. to Agitate the yeast and hops at the bottom of the carboy I twist the carboys back and forth until all the crap on the bottom is lifted back into suspension. The blow off tube is key however, becasue you do not want to introduce more oxygen.

I have decided to agitate with these batches bc my first batch was over-carbonated, leading me to beleive that it was not done fermenting when I bottled it. By agitiating the yeast you can make sure that all of the yeast has had access to the nutrients and ultimately speed up the primary fermentation.

If your primary fermenter is open to the air I would not agitate too much.

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Check the gravity and see where it has settled. Also, don't forget that since your OG was so much higher than expected, your FG is also going to be much higher than expected... If it has stalled, you might get a little more movement if you try racking it over into secondary. If all else fails, you can rack it into a tertiary fermenter with some champagne yeast and see if it moves again.

I try to avoid sticking anything unnecessary into my beers though.

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