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Nov 2009
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I brewed what I thought would be a pale ale using S-33 back in October, at about 70 degrees.

I ended up with something much more Belgian in character than I think I'd prefer, although it's eminently drinkable. A homebrewer friend of mine called the Belgian taste for me- I couldn't put my finger on it exactly until he said "Pale ale? This tastes more Belgian to me than anything else."

FWIW... I started at 1.051 and ended at 1.011, so I got whatever that efficiency is. It also accomplished that inside of 2 days, with 2 sachets pitched.

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I'm going to be making a Belgian Tripel with the S-33. Am I making a mistake using this strain?

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I brewed a very tasty oatmeal porter with S-33.

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Just took a reading on an Abbey Ale that started at 1.055 and fermented at ~63 ambient for 10 days. I rehydrated two packs before pitching, one for each of the two 5-gal batches. It's down to 1.011 in both, with maybe a little activity still going on. So, no attenuation problems with S-33 like some here have experienced.

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Originally Posted by gruversm View Post
I'm going to be making a Belgian Tripel with the S-33. Am I making a mistake using this strain?
I did BM's Belgian Blonde...1st with a liquid Wyeast (the belgian wit yeast i think) very tasty

For my second attempt i used an S-33 I had lying around...I wasn't too crazy about the outcome...just seemed to lack that good belgian estery taste...kinda bland imho but it coulda been anything as my hydrometer broke during the process and I couldnt take any reading lol

I'm sure other more exp Belgian beer brewers can chime in but if your gonna invest in a Tripel I would think you should go with the liquid
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Originally Posted by mike_g08 View Post
My experiences with this yeast have been good, but I think my attenuation has ranged from about 65 to 70 percent - it is generally low-attenuating.

I think your ferment is not stuck, but actually "done"
See, I couldn't disagree more. I've made MANY batches of mead, and they all hit 13-14% ABV which is the listed max for S-33. Sure attenuation % and ABV tolerance aren't the same thing, but I wouldn't say its low-attenuating. Mead is notoriously low in nitrogen which sucks for yeasties but it handles this fine.

I know...mead with S-33 that's some kind of 'belgian strain'? It works, and you really don't get any spice/pepper phenols in the mead. I do tend to age these a year, and it will clear eventually without any finings.

I have not made beer with S-33 though.
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Originally Posted by Beernip View Post
Just brewed a Belgium Strong ale with this and took off like crazy. After 24 hours the temps in my carboy jumped up to 76 deg (68 ambient temp) and now has dropped back down 66. After 4 days I've went from .074 to .025 and now no more bubbles. I'll take a another reading in a few day but hope ferms not stuck.
If is does would you add more s-33, another starter, oxygenate and or add yeast nutrients..or nothing?

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Originally Posted by rtg View Post
If is does would you add more s-33, another starter, oxygenate and or add yeast nutrients..or nothing?
you dont need to make a starter or oxygenate with dry yeast. if its a low attenuating yeast dropping the mash temp seems like the best place to start.

i was reading about this yeast when searching for something dry to use for an american wheat. it doesnt attenuate like 05 or 04 from what i read, so mashing at 150 instead of 154 is probably a good start... and as far as developing any esters i'm pretty sure it said the temp range was from 59-75 like stated earlier but ideal is 66-68 i think it said.
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If you want a Beligainy tasting beer, then under pitch the 33.
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Old 07-18-2010, 01:16 AM   #30
Jul 2010
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I really like to try to use dry yeast for simplicity. I had some issues recently with a Wyeast, and I still think it was due to their yeast, but that is a different story.

Today just I opened up the first bottle of a wheat beer with S-33 instead of Wyeast 3944 recommended after a week in the bottle. The beer is slightly cloudy as it would be expected from a wheat, but the tastes just like a Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier which I really like and was not expecting to be so close in flavor. The flavor still needs more depth, but the beer also needs more time aging. So far so good.

The fermentation was really strong for the first couple of days but after 4 days it was ready for the secondary. I hit the same FG as it was recommended from the Wyeast for 10 days. The hot weather (75+ F) might had something to do with it though.


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