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This 6 cubic foot keg fridge is similar (same?) as the Sanyo referred in other reviews here. It will hold up to 3 Cornie kegs (3 ball lock, or 2 pin lock and one ball lock, I have not been able to fit 3 pin locks in it).

It is quiet and the one I got was the 4907SSTB, which has a stainless door with a "towel bar" handle. I bought mine cheaply from a guy who won it in "The Price is Right" and had no use for it.

The tower is a chromed 3 inches in diameter and features one tap. The fittings are for the included Sanke tap. There is a nicely chromed glass rail that for the top. The feet on the unit can be replaced with the included wheels to make it mobile. Also included is a cleaning kit, and a 5lb aluminum CO2 canister.

Negatives: The top is wooden and has pre-drilled starter holes for the rail and tower. The tower holes appeared to be drilled for a 2.5 inch tower instead of a 3 inch. I had to drill my own. The drip tray is large but made of cheap plastic and can't be put in the diswasher. The regulator has a single guage, so you don't really know how full the tank is. The inability to get 3 pin locks in there is a probelm. The MSRP is too high.

Positives: It is quiet and will cost only ~ $50 per year in electricity. The tap, CO2 canister and lines are good quality. The finish on the brushed stainless door is excellent. The cleaning kit and tools provided make it a complete purchase. The only thing required is to fill the gas and buy a keg.

I have priced out the cost to upgrade to a 3 tap system with all the bells and whistles (new tower, triple regulator, lines, taps, etc.) and it would cost me another $500 to convert. I think I can drill the tower and use a gas manifold and get it done cheaper. Will update when I get there. If you are looking at one of these, think about paying up for the double or triple tap option at the begining.

Bottom line: Expensive, but high quality item. Snap one up if you can find a good deal.

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