Stout Tanks and Kettles - 7.3 Gallon Conical w/ Thermowell

Stout Tanks and Kettles - 7.3 Gallon Conical w/ Thermowell - dobo -
$400.00 - $400.00
Stout Tanks and
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Offered By Stout Tanks And Kettles of Portland, Oregon.
  • Sanitary construction – food grade valves, sanitary welds and no threaded fittings (all tri-clamp)
  • Durable – engineered and built to commercial standards
  • Easy to clean – quickly disconnect and disassemble valves

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    3 of 5 | August 5, 2011 at 09:29 AM

    Price: $400.00

    Pros: Sounds Great

    Cons: I have been waiting 4 months for my tank

    Recommended? Yes

    I will update this when I receive my tank. But be warned the wait is probably longer than what you will be told or read on the web site. But I am optimistic with reading the reports from people that have theirs. Yes Jon is good about getting back to you.

    Was worth the wait!!
  • April 13, 2011 at 12:41 PM

    Price: $400.00

    Pros: SS Conical w/ thermowell, all sanitary tri-clamp design with butterfly valves (1.5" dump, 1" racking)

    Cons: none (you might have to wait a bit if you want one)

    Recommended? Yes

    Got my conical from Stout Tanks and Kettles (, and I am very pleased! John was great to work with, and I would recommend his conicals even if it means waiting for one (I lucked out when I checked in on getting one). Yes, they are made in China, so the time to fill orders can be long if he doesn't have in stock what you want, but the quality of the materials and welds are top notch. What you get for the price is unmatched by any other product (or at least I didn't find anything), and what are typically expensive upgrades on others, come standard. The upgrade to butterfly valves is well worth it, and shipping is very reasonable given the size and weight of the item (I think it cost a little under $30 to have mine delivered).