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Midwest Supplies Stainless Steel Immersion Wort Chiller - JimBell - stainless-steel-immersion-wort-chiller-w-garden-hose-71.jpg
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From the website "This is the same as our new stainless steel immersion chiller but it features brass garden hose connectors. Approximate dimensions: 10" in diameter, 10" to the top coil, 14" inches to the bend in the inlet/outlet.".

Female connector failed during installation of connecting water line. This appears to be due to a purchased part, and isn't the fault of the company that sold it to me (Midwest Supply) .

I had bought it to use with the 7.5 gal pot they sell, and although I don't currently know for sure, it appears that it will work appropriately.

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    handed down to me, but works like a charm