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Has anyone used any of the wort chillers from jadedbrewing.com? They have some interesting designs and videos on youtube to back up their claims. I am interested in the Kuda and Hydra models.

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    5 of 5 | July 19, 2013 at 11:11 AM JaDeD Brewing is the Alienware PC of homebrewing chillers, the BMW of wort chilling -- except at a fraction of the price. With high build quality, extremely competitive performance, and great customer service, I can't imagine buying a wort chiller from any other company. I'd be doing myself a disservice to buy elsewhere.

    Price: $160.00

    Pros: Build Quality, Effectiveness, Functionality, Price, Design

    Cons: None

    Recommended? Yes

    I ordered the JaDeD Brewing 1x 50 Ft.- Half Inch Coil - Brew
    Kettle Height for $90.00 a few weeks ago. In the interest of full disclosure,
    this is the second JaDeD product I've purchased and, because of my patronage,
    they asked me if I wanted to beta test their new chiller design. As in the case
    of the first, I was not disappointed. Even before I received the product, the
    attention to quality and detail -- hallmarks of this company's work -- were
    apparent. Through a series of on-point emails, they were able to discern which
    product would be best for my needs, and then tailored my chiller to fit
    perfectly within my kettle, and with no delay to the shipping process. This may
    be the world's first custom-spec'd chiller.

    There were no hang-ups in shipping, either, after payment
    was sent and the order was processed. Within a few days, I had my chiller in my
    possession. And I was pleasantly surprised, because while I'd expected a
    typical cylinder-shaped, hand-wound thing (the types that populate the eBay
    marketplace, a dime-a-dozen), what I received was nothing short of a
    hand-crafted art piece. While I don't have a camera to photograph, the chiller
    tapers outward in concentric circles as it descends, like a pine-tree. It has
    not one single layer of piping, but several. And these layers are spaced with
    additional copper bands that secure the pipes to -- I'd bet -- allow for
    optimal chilling results. The solid brass garden hose connections are pre-soldered
    to the chiller, eliminating any chance of dirty, dirty, tap water from
    contaminating your post-boil wort. And as an amateur welder, the quality of the
    job is worth noting. These guys pay attention to detail. By analogy, this
    chiller was like a fine copper kettle, or copper still. I've never seen
    anything that can compare to this product from a distance, anywhere on the
    immersion chiller market.

    But looks aren't everything, right? So how does this beauty
    perform? Is she all style, and no substance? To the contrary. I took six
    gallons of wort from 212* to 70* in 18 minutes. That isn't so great, right,
    because I noticed that I hadn't removed my kettle from my stovetop, which was
    still incredibly hot and warming the kettle from the bottom. On my second batch,
    the thing took the six gallons of wort from 212* to 70* in approximately 14
    minutes. Bear in mind, as well, that my water is warm as I'm in the southern
    midwest in the middle of 90* summer weather. I then, on my third batch, took
    the advice of the techs at JaDeD and agitated the wort throughout the chilling
    process. The results, especially given my 81* ambient environment, were
    stunning. This thing took the wort from 212* to 80* in 4 minutes and fifteen
    seconds and to 72* in 5 minutes and eleven seconds. What!? How is that possible. Keep in mind,
    this is even more impressive considering, I'm using garden hose water and the
    temperature is 90-something outside. This isn't exactly super cool water. My
    conclusion on the performance of this chiller is that it is without comparison.
    It saves water by chilling more rapidly, improves the quality of my beer by
    chilling more rapidly: in short, it looks as good as it chills.

    Now, let's talk brass tacks: price. The King Cobra will
    debut at $160, and there's an additional shipping fee that varies depending on
    location. JaDeD's product is a bargain
    at this cost. It outshines the competition and is a no-brainer to buy. The
    JaDeD Brewing chiller is BMW of home brewing: it's the ultimate immersion wort
    chilling machine. It's a conversation piece on brew day, and even my girlfriend
    remarked on how cool it looked. This product got my girlfriend to talk to me
    about homebrewing! The thing is, the price is the same as its competition, but
    the product quality and performance puts JaDeD over the top. I'd buy again from
    these guys in a heartbeat, and highly recommend you guys consider them too.
    5 of 5 | June 11, 2013 at 10:48 PM DROPPED TEMP FROM 200 TO 90 IN 9 MINUTES. can't beat that!

    Price: $55.00

    Pros: Awesome size and wasp design, can do single and double batches, uses less water

    Cons: none

    Recommended? Yes

    I recently got the Wasp wort chiller by Jaded Brewing. It a great chiller that is compact but can handle double batches of wort with ease. Nice wasp design cools the wort evenly. Dropped temp from 200 to about 90 degrees in just 9 minutes. 1/4" copper piping uses less water then most chillers and is actually more effective~!
    5 of 5 | June 10, 2013 at 05:12 PM Great product, great service

    Price: $120.00

    Pros: Quick chill, water and ice efficient, customer service was great, cut chill time in florida by 30-35 minutes

    Cons: None

    Recommended? Yes

    It's not often you buy something and it works like it's supposed to. I couldn't be happier with my general lee chiller. I did a ton of research beforehand and thought I'd try the jaded product. Im glad i did now, after using it the first time I was in love. Cut my chill time from 45-50min down to 15. So much more time for activities. I watched the videos, read reviews, e mailed back and forth with jaded to ask questions. Awesome response time by the way. Whatever they're doing they need to keep it up. I didn't think it would work in Florida but they've proved me wrong. Awesome product.
    5 of 5 | March 26, 2013 at 05:53 PM I needed to upgrade my homemade IC to chill quicker with bigger batches. I wanted to go with an IC for the simplicity of use and the easy sanitizing. I heard about Jaded brewing from a friend that got a chiller from them. After deciding on the hydra, I couldn't be happier! Crazy chill times from an IC! I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!

    Price: $145.00

    Pros: It's Stupid Fast at Chilling all of my wort at once! No Pump Needed. Easy to rinse off and sanitize. Awesome customer service helped me make the best choice for my brewing needs. High Quality soldered connections hook straight up to my garden hose. Quality, quality, quality!!

    Cons: None

    Recommended? Yes

    I needed to upgrade my homemade IC to chill quicker with bigger batches. I wanted to go with an IC for the simplicity of use and the easy sanitizing. I heard about Jaded brewing from a friend that got a chiller from them. After deciding on the hydra, I couldn't be happier! Crazy chill times from an IC! I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone!

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