Deep Wood Brew 7 Gallon S.S. Carboy "Cavern"

Deep Wood Brew 7 Gallon S.S. Carboy "Cavern" - CDGoin - cavern-1-111.png
Deep Wood Brew 7 Gallon S.S. Carboy "Cavern" - CDGoin - cavern-2-112.png
$130.00 - $130.00
Deep Wood Brew
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Dimensions: 15" x 15"

Ferments: 6 - 6 1/2 gallons

Also comes in 5 and 10 gallon sizes.

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    5 of 5 | March 28, 2013 at 01:44 PM Perfect for Lagering, and as a Secondary

    Price: $130.00

    Pros: Easy to clean, light, well made, opaque so light can not pass thru

    Cons: Can't see if anything is going on without opening it (Kind of the trade off of being opaque)

    Recommended? Yes

    Easily the best thing I have bought.

    The plus and minus is that its light and tightly air proof. The Stainless Steel is super easy to clean, its very light and easy to handle.

    Since I like to watch the fermentation, as I don't trust myself yet. I still use my Old Mr Beer Kit for fermenting, and then transfer to this for lagering and cold crashing.

    You can also take off the nipple to clean it and the ball valve prior to transferring to bottles.

    Fits nice in my refrigerator and the thin SS walls make cooling down or heating up more responsive than a glass carboy. Also no chance it will ever break if you drop it.

    Last but not least.. it has nice handles. So unlike anything else I have used, I never have to fear dropping it.

    Also if you so desire you can remove the plastic ring off the bottom (that it has for stability) and use it as the cook pot so you don't have to transfer from the stove to the fermenter. You can boil in the fermenter.