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The DIY Beer Kit includes everything needed to make 23 litres of great tasting beer - a patented fermenter that makes brewing even easier and quicker, an easy to read plastic hydrometer specifically made for beer, plus an Instructional DVD ROM to answer all your brewing questions.

The distinction with this kit is the new style fermentor and krausen collar, this is an upgrade to the Coopers Micro kit.
You can ferment your brew without the Krausen Kollar in place if you like. However, we recommend using the Krausen Kollar because it increases the total headspace, which helps to contain the foam. Also, it catches the deposit made by the foam once the foam collapses the Krausen Kollar may be removed while the deposit is still soft and moist, then easily cleaned ready for the next brew.

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    5 of 5 | February 26, 2013 at 09:26 PM A great simple kit for the beginner to start learning the craft of homebrew.

    Price: $130.00

    Pros: all in one kit, easy way to get started, from an established brewery, bottling wand, large fermentor, fermentor appears to be high quality material

    Cons: 750ml bottles are a bit large, 500ml would be nicer, not much so far

    Recommended? Yes

    This is a great beginners kit that new brewers can use to start learning the craft, everything you need is included and it's a great base by which you can start to expand later.
    The fermentor appears to be a high quality plastic, I like that I can see thru it when I check in periodically and I can also see the yeast intercating with the liquid.
    This upgrade to the Coopers MicroKit has a 'burping' lid and not the screw off lid, I like it, easy on easy off and no air lock is required. The krausen collar - veterans may laugh at it, it's an optional peice, I used it and when removing it after the krausen fell it took alot of the crud with it. I plan on using it again, it's an optional component.
    Everything goes together easy, no leaks from the spout.
    The lager and yeast worked out well (I added 2.2 lbs of Munton Lite DME) and final product tastes great, I find it better than the big macro brews.
    Its a great 'all in one' sort of package by a reputable Brewery, I recommend it for other novices.
    cramar - cramar - coopersfermentor-97.jpg
    cramar - cramar - finalbrew-98.jpg