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02-10-2016 2:47 AM


  • Oviedo, Florida
  • Brewing (of course)
  • AutoCAD Operator
  • 5th Gear, Top Gear, Family Guy, South Park, Reno 911.
  • Ive always enjoyed trying out new beers that I came across i the stores. Homebrewing never came up until me and couple friends started really getting into craft beer. Then a friend of mine got a brew kit for christmas and the journey began.
    Brewing has always been a team effort with us. So far we've made a Brown Ale, Hazelnut Brown Ale, Amber Ale, Wheat Ale, Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, and a Dry Stout.


  • Posted in thread: Checking in from the Sunshine State on 02-13-2016 at 12:40 AM
    Welcome to forum! Good to see another Florida native :mug:

  • Posted in thread: Good Beers Available in NC on 04-05-2009 at 04:39 AM
    Thanks so much for the suggestions :mug:I'll try as many as time permits!

  • Posted in thread: Good Beers Available in NC on 04-02-2009 at 01:50 AM
    Im going to be visiting some friends up at the University of North Carolina in a few weeks and
    wanted to see if theres any beers in the area i should try.

  • Posted in thread: What "Newcastle" beer do people rave about? on 05-21-2008 at 01:24 PM
    I used to really like that beer when i first started trying other beers than the usual BMC
    stuff. But not i dont really like it that much.

  • Posted in thread: Just got a job interview at Harpoon Brewery! on 05-21-2008 at 01:21 PM
    Thats pretty cool. Good luck.let us know how it goes

  • Posted in thread: Dales Pale river beer. on 05-20-2008 at 02:14 PM
    Ive really enjoyed all the beers ive had from Oskar Blues....dang it now im going to have to go
    out and buy some this week.

  • Posted in thread: Iron Man on 05-20-2008 at 02:10 PM
    i was pleasantly suprised by this movie. Trailers looked good but i had my reservations. Ill
    probably buy it when it comes out on DVD.

  • Posted in thread: So I just had my 1st schlitz on 05-20-2008 at 01:45 PM
    Never tried schlitz. I used to see it gas stations every now and then, but now i cant even
    think of the last time i saw it for sale.

  • Posted in thread: Dogfish Head in California... on 05-16-2008 at 01:44 PM
    I thought dogfish head was pretty much available everywhere. i guess thats because ive been
    able to buy it here in florida for quite a while and the beer selection down here is pretty bad
    at most plac...

  • Posted in thread: Bells Batch 7000 on 05-14-2008 at 01:34 PM
    i missed out on the batch 7000. I drank a couple batch 8000s and really enjoyed them.