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  • Posted in thread: This the Ultimate Wort Chiller? on 12-20-2016 at 06:03 PM
    Should have went with TC endcaps so you could pull the ends and clean the tubes to be 100% sure
    they are clear like most shell & tube exchangers are setup. Would have also removed threads on
    the cold ...

  • Posted in thread: Conditioning Grain - Mill Rollers on 11-23-2016 at 06:08 PM
    Run some dry grain through it or go at them with a nylon scrub brush. I usually save a pound or
    two of my grain bill to run through after the conditioned stuff to clear the rollers.

  • Posted in thread: Cornical™ Modular Keg System on 11-17-2016 at 08:45 PM
    Has Blichmann had this assembly pressure tested and certified or are they assuming that the keg
    is certified so they must be good? I didn't see any stampings on the vessel anywhere and I
    believe anyth...

  • Posted in thread: March Pump Screw Question on 11-01-2016 at 06:27 PM

  • Posted in thread: What size cooler for gylcol reservoir on 10-05-2016 at 07:36 PM
    Not controlling the suction directly, just changing the control temp for the liquid line
    solenoid. I've got plenty of capacity for what I need even when crashing so based on calc'd
    numbers and real li...

  • Posted in thread: What size cooler for gylcol reservoir on 10-04-2016 at 03:10 PM
    The condensing unit that I have puts out just shy of 4000 btu(1/3 ton) when I'm running it at a
    15* suction for crash cooling. Normally when it's running at 45* suction I have over 7000 btu

  • Posted in thread: Getting your kids involved as "assistant brewers" on 09-12-2016 at 05:21 PM
    My plan is to educate our two early so they appreciate quality food and drink. Once they get to
    college they will have developed a palate such that they avoid BMC and the like. Once they
    realize they ...

  • Posted in thread: Steam blue crabs over boil kettle on 09-09-2016 at 08:54 PM
    Ha, you're right. Edit prior response to be unless you want crab flavored beer then this may be
    unadvisable. If you want crabby beer they carry on!

  • Posted in thread: Steam blue crabs over boil kettle on 09-09-2016 at 08:45 PM
    it's stainless(or aluminum), which as far as i know aren't very good at absorbing things, so go
    for it. I've done lobsters and clams many times and besides a through cleaning, have had no

  • Posted in thread: Glycol pump on 08-11-2016 at 03:50 PM
    I started with a bare condensing unit and piped it to a brazed plate heat exchanger. The pump
    is a Little Giant 4 series and is relatively quiet, but I'm used to having a pump and
    associated noise run...

  • UNYHA-Upstate New York Home Brewers Association
    UNYHA-Upstate New York Home Brewers Association