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  • Brewing beer has been a passion of mine since my first extract brew in the late 1990's. Whether it's recipe design, or critiquing a brew, and everything in between it's all exciting to me.
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  • Light colored Extract beers. Possible?
    You can make a fine beer with no boil. If the extract is still in the package from the
    manufacturer it is sterile, or very close, so boiling is not required. Boiling extracts will
    produce maillard rea...

  • Reuseing yeast
    It's probably one of those things that is recognized by some but not all. Exp is a notation
    used mostly by programmers for "e raised to the power" ( e being Euler's number or about

  • Simple Yeast Storage Procedure
    Yes, that's it. Saving yeast doesn't need to be complicated.

  • Reuseing yeast
    The idea that a refrigerated slurry would still be at ~90% viability after two months is
    surprising to me. It's certainly far off from the estimate mrmalty.com and other calculators
    give us. Would you...

  • Reuseing yeast
    Thanks guys. I am worried about the dead cells giving off flavorsWith two month old yeast there
    should be very few dead cells. Washing doesn't remove the dead cells. You could start with a
    smaller amo...

  • Simple Yeast Storage Procedure
    I've measured fermentation performance on cold pitched yeast vs equal temperatures and the cold
    pitch took twice as long to start, but growth rate and biomass yield were about the same. How
    this effec...

  • Stuck Fermentation
    You can rouse the yeast without introducing any contamination risk by swirling or rocking the
    bucket. If it were my I would try to get the yeast back into suspension and move it to a warmer
    spot in th...

  • Reuseing yeast
    You might also be interested to know that 5 oz of slurry contains about 200 billion cells and
    that the viability drops very little over a two month period. If this didn't come out of a high
    gravity be...

  • Simple Yeast Storage Procedure
    My question, is, ...in the calculator the result is 400b. cells, should I expect 500mL of
    slurry?If you are growing yeast using malt extract the cell density will be about 2 million per
    ml. The 300 bi...

  • Simple Yeast Storage Procedure
    Question: when I go to make my starter from said harvested yeast.. Should I be pouring the beer
    off the top and just add the slurry to my starter wort?Yes, that's it. You can decant and then
    add enoug...

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