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  • Posted in thread: Best breweries downtown denver? on 12-22-2013 at 12:06 AM
    Haven't seen it mentioned yet, but Our Mutual Friend on Larimer between 28th and 29th has some
    good stuff as well.

  • Posted in thread: 40 Plate Chiller, TopsFlo DC Pump on 12-11-2013 at 09:27 PM
    Everything sold. Thanks guys!

  • Posted in thread: 40 Plate Chiller, TopsFlo DC Pump on 12-11-2013 at 07:10 PM
    Plate chiller sold, pump still available.

  • Posted in thread: 40 Plate Chiller, TopsFlo DC Pump on 12-11-2013 at 05:48 PM
    Up for sale is a 40 plate chiller and TopsFlo 12VDC pump. They were both purchased about 2
    years ago and have been used on about 20 5-gallon batches since then. I'm also throwing in a
    12VDC variable p...

  • Posted in thread: Proper equipment to do it right from the beginning - 5 gallon batches on 11-11-2013 at 12:36 AM
    Sorry for the newbie questions.... So, lets say you are shooting for a post boil volume of
    5.5G, and you end up with too much after sparging, etc and end up needing to do a 2 hour boil
    for a 1 hour re...

  • Posted in thread: Before and After - I decided to clean my regulator! on 11-04-2013 at 02:46 AM
    Some regulators have left-hand threads on the high pressure side. Can't tell from the photos.
    Looks like it has thread-locker on it too. Hit it with a heat gun to loosen the thread
    locker.Also, doesn'...

  • Posted in thread: Can you recommend an oxygenation setup for < $100 budget? on 10-23-2013 at 02:57 AM
    I grabbed a full medical oxygen tank on craigslist for $40 with a regulator. I just run a
    length of 3/16" ID beer line to a 1/4" flare fitting screwed onto a 0.5 micron stainless
    diffusion stone. Tota...

  • Posted in thread: Question about Belgian Saison I Ale White Labs #WLP565 (not what you think) on 09-26-2013 at 03:58 AM
    When people say 565 (and wyeast 3724) "stalls" around 1.030, they mean just that. It doesn't
    completely quit. Rousing the yeast with a swirl and boosting the temperature will get it to
    keep going and ...

  • Posted in thread: STC1000 Wires, will these work? on 09-21-2013 at 11:54 PM
    Yep, that'll work fine. I used the same thing on my chest freezer > ferm chamber conversion.

  • Posted in thread: Darkening Beer After Primary on 09-21-2013 at 03:58 PM
    I think cold-steeping a pound or two of crushed Carafa III Special (the de-bittered kind),
    boiling the resulting liquid for 15 minutes or so, and then adding it to the fermenter would
    add the desired ...