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01-28-2005 3:06 PM


  • Posted in thread: alcohol content on 01-27-2005 at 09:12 PM
    Hahaha....I can relate! I think all you really need to do is add more malt to the boil....Find
    a recipe for a good barley wine. That will get the alcohol up there :D

  • Posted in thread: Dark 'Fin Du Monde ' Clone? on 01-27-2005 at 09:11 PM
    Would that translate to "end of the world?" I've never heard of it. Got to agree with Janx...
    that recipe does sound interesting. Is the original more like a wheat beer? You might want to
    increase the...

  • Posted in thread: Keg into Brewpot Help on 01-27-2005 at 03:24 PM
    Can't believe the stuff you chaps have over there, amazing. Brought a conical fermenter over to
    England on the plane, managed OK thro customs etc, was going to cost over $200 to ship, I
    wouldn't have ...

  • Posted in thread: Really active fermentation on 01-27-2005 at 03:14 PM
    ok so you just pour another batch of wort onto the sediment layer from the primary, then pitch
    in another helping of yeast? do you do this on the same day as the rack and boil or can you let
    that yeas...

  • Posted in thread: Now brewing wine on 01-26-2005 at 09:42 PM
    Well I started my first beer brewing about 2 weeks ago and been having a great time learning
    and enjoying the new hobby. After watching me having fun, my wife runs to the brewery store and
    picks up wh...

  • Posted in thread: Second Fermenting Vessel on 01-26-2005 at 09:38 PM
    When wine is in the second fermenting vessel will light affect it? Should it be stored in a
    dark place or is the sunlight from a window ok.I always cover my carboys with an old shirt or
    something. Don...

  • Posted in thread: Where are the wine brewers on 01-26-2005 at 09:36 PM
    Ok this will be my third post in the wine forum with no replies or any other activity. Does
    anyone actually brew wine out there? We are still doing are first batch, but where are all the
    other wine br...

  • Posted in thread: Corny kegs, one less cleaning on 01-26-2005 at 09:08 PM
    I like to time a batch for kegging right as I'm emptying one of the Corny's I use. I pop the
    cover, clean it, and rack right into the keg without having to sanitize it. The keg's cool from
    being in th...

  • Posted in thread: FAQ Open! Need Help!!! on 01-26-2005 at 09:01 PM
    How about a section on converting Sankey kegs into brewing vessels. There are a number of
    useful web sites you could link to if nothing else. Maybe a few tips on how to legally obtain
    kegs would be he...

  • Posted in thread: Really active fermentation on 01-26-2005 at 08:48 PM
    Because it's a fresh, newly made batch of wort. So, it's basically just like an enormous yeast
    pitch. The same thinking applies, though, that you want to rack it off the yeast bed within
    about a week ...