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  • Avid stitcher and seller of top quality BIAB Bags at reasonable prices. Custom size bags made to fit your keggle, kettle, or cooler dimensions, and satisfaction. only $22 plus $4 shipping, now offering 14 day no haggle money back guarantee (less shipping) Hop bags for boil or dry hopping available, please inquire for custom work. Thank you for your support!
  • BIAB product development
  • Civil Engineer (days) - BIAB Expert Tailor (nights)
  • Quality custom sized BIAB bags at reasonable / inexpensive pricing...many sold, all satisfied.
  • Quality custom sized BIAB bags at reasonable / inexpensive pricing...many sold, all satisfied. PM for pricing and details.
  • Custom BIAB sales and service expert, Please PM for details.
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  • Large BIAB bags!!! w/ pic
    261161Two 100 gal Blichmann, two 145 gallon Stout tank. 15 gallon Volrath kettle for scale. :)

  • Brooklyn Brew Shop and BIAB
    IMO, the simplest approach is to measure / calibrate your kettle so you know how much volume
    you have in it as you progress. For a 1 gallon batch, mash in one gallon, then sparge to reach
    preboil volu...

  • 1st BIAB Stuck Fermentation
    I would also suggest stirring prior to taking a temp reading so the wort is homogeneous w
    respect to temp.

  • Getting Older, and brewing in a time crunch
    If at all possible, set up to e-brew in the basement of your new home.1. Heat strike water on a
    timer.... Mash overnight3. No chillThese three things implemented in an indoor brewery will
    make brewin...

  • My growth.. extract to E-biab
    Good news melon!Perhaps now that you have the chilling overdone you should plumb the hot water
    into the chiller for the final adjustment to pitching temps....I kid....happy it's
    working....send me a p...

  • 240v Heating Element or Elements in HLT
    If you have the power available, by all means put two elements in the HLT, but I wouldn't say
    one would be underpowered. Really depends upon your patience level, and if you have other tasks
    that need ...

  • How do you insulate your kettle?
    I think he used a tilde and not a minus sign. me.Thanks Wino, it's called a tilde huh, learned
    something today.....guess it's time to increase my font size again grrrr.

  • How do you insulate your kettle?
    At minus 25, do you have to thaw the burner flames with a blow torch? Jk, but that is seriously

  • How do you insulate your kettle?
    -25 degrees?OMG I think that may be an issue!

  • Is this a problem?
    No worries, AG typically will have more trub in the wort, it will settle and compact in the
    fermenter. Irish moss or whirlfloc will accentuate this. It is a good thing.


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