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  • Quality custom sized BIAB bags at reasonable / inexpensive pricing...many sold, all satisfied.
  • Quality custom sized BIAB bags at reasonable / inexpensive pricing...many sold, all satisfied. PM for pricing and details.
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  • Can a sankey keg be a brite tank?
    I have two, a U.S. Standard and a euro, but I can't for the life of me get the spear out of the
    euro. It will unscrew to a point, but there is some kind of catch and it won't let me pull it
    all the wa...

  • Chilling wort in fermenter?
    Ok I agree transferring boiling hot to a heat worthy fermenter is very sanitary RM, what I
    don't like to see is people chilling part way, than transferring ripe wort that is at the
    optimum temp for na...

  • Chilling wort in fermenter?
    Chilling in the kettle is also more sanitary IMO, rather than transferring then chilling. The
    wort is sanitary post boil, cleaner to leave it there while chilling.

  • Can a sankey keg be a brite tank?
    Open the vent on the coupler when filling :)

  • Can a sankey keg be a brite tank?
    Is there a website or something that goes through the steps of removing the check valves from
    the couplet and the spear? I'm going to search, but didn't know if you had one you've used
    before.There is...

  • 30 min mash Success!
    Luckily I'm young and strong like ox.Even ox can burn, just let the wort cool prior to moving.
    Since you mentioned you have welding ability, perhaps some legs for your burner are in
    order....nothing b...

  • 30 min mash Success!
    Or a 7.75 gal 1/4b batch works great for a 15 gal kettle if you can source some sanke tall 1/4
    kegs...just a thought.

  • 30 min mash Success!
    Yeah, I'm trying to decide between the 80 and the 60. But, you know me well, because that's
    exactly where I'll be getting it from, lol.What your really deciding is what size batches
    you'll be brewing....

  • 30 min mash Success!
    I'd save a ton of hassle if I weren't so cheap. ............... once I get my "grown up"
    kettle.10 gallon aluminum pot shipped to your nearest Staples store, only $29 ways from a
    Blichmann, but it w...

  • 30 min mash Success!
    It's embarrassing that I'm doing 5.5 gal batches in a 6 gal and 3.5 gal kettle. That means I
    get to do two boils concurrently to reach my final volume of 5.5 gal into the fermenter. I am
    awesome. .I w...