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  • Avid stitcher and seller of top quality BIAB Bags at reasonable prices. Custom size bags made to fit your keggle, kettle, or cooler dimensions, and satisfaction. only $22 plus $4 shipping, now offering 14 day no haggle money back guarantee (less shipping) Hop bags for boil or dry hopping available, please inquire for custom work. Thank you for your support!
  • BIAB product development
  • Civil Engineer (days) - BIAB Expert Tailor (nights)
  • Quality custom sized BIAB bags at reasonable / inexpensive pricing...many sold, all satisfied.
  • Quality custom sized BIAB bags at reasonable / inexpensive pricing...many sold, all satisfied. PM for pricing and details.
  • Custom BIAB sales and service expert, Please PM for details.
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  • Help with Mash Recirculation
    I am convinced that this forces air to be pulled through the bag voile down below my false
    bottom and into the pump, causing cavitation. I can literally hear air being sucked down into
    the mash, and ...

  • How do you sparge large batches (5g or more)?
    I have found that for large batches the pour over the bag sparge with the bag hanging over the
    kettle to be the most manageable. Don't listen to the naysayers, large batch BIAB is not that
    difficult. ...

  • Fixing chill haze
    Yes, cold temps and time will help clear most brews.

  • Easy BIAB recipe
    Not sure why you would need to tie and untie the bag for each hop addition. Most use a hop
    spider, or just simply clip the open bag to the kettle rim w/ a clothes pin or binder clip.
    Keep it simple......

  • Just built my grain mill w/ pics
    Good work, looks familiar :)Mine has been working well for a few years. A half inch slow speed
    drill will work well for you!

  • my small footprint 110volt-1500watt system
    Yeah, I have no intention of paying for a blichmann boilcoil just trying to approximate the
    element geometry.Just curious, what is so appealing about the BC geometry?

  • RIP Grain Bag...
    Thank you for all the support. I enjoy making the bags and try hard to improve on all
    fronts.Thanks and cheers!wilser

  • Dough-in speed. FG Thin mashes and fine-milling. Any correlation?
    'Dump it all in and stir like a mad man' is my favorite method now!This is my preferred method
    as well. I do find it interesting that it still takes considerable time for the mash temp to
    stabilize. M...

  • hows my bottom look ;)
    Don't be frustrated, brew a's really not a big deal.Your worrying too much
    IMO.We're not splitting atoms here lol

  • hows my bottom look ;)
    Yes, try and brew a batch gently adding heat as needed while stirring. A false bottom is of
    more value if recirculating. Brew a batch and solve your issues encountered, rather than trying
    to solve the...


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