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  • Quality custom sized BIAB bags at reasonable / inexpensive pricing...many sold, all satisfied.
  • Quality custom sized BIAB bags at reasonable / inexpensive pricing...many sold, all satisfied. PM for pricing and details.
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  • Anvil FIAK (Ferment in a Kettle)
    Anyone have thoughts on a DIY version of the gasket? .Yea, my thoughts are that it is overkill
    for primary fermentation. A perfect seal and airlock isn't needed during primary fermentation
    IMO as co2 ...

  • Changing from 120v to 240v system.
    Yes, 3500w will be adequate for a 6 - 6.5 gallon boil, perhaps even more with a little
    patience. Huge difference between 2000 and 3500 IME, like finding second gear lol

  • Most efficient method for small batches
    Brewing small batches, the relevant differences in efficiency will amount to about $0.20. I
    would rdwhahb with regard to efficiency with one gallon batches. That said, I think stove top
    BIAB and putti...

  • New grain mill, now getting rubbish efficiency?
    Better reasoning than me, I'm just super lazy!Im so lazy that holding the drill was too much
    work, both of my mills are rigged on a stand with the drill fixed, allows you to do other tasks
    while the g...

  • Anvil FIAK (Ferment in a Kettle)
    I have been fermenting in my brew kettle for a few years now. Nothing fancy like the Anvil
    system, I merely lid the kettle and seal with a plastic bag and a tight string wrapped around
    the kettle. Sho...

  • Changing from 120v to 240v system.
    That was too close for me so I ran a separate 10 gauge line.Do you wear a belt and
    suspenders?J/k, we all have our own comfort level. Afaik, close is fine, exceeding is not. Me
    have circuit breaker mo...

  • Bayou 62qt MLT false bottom
    Batch sparge with a braid? JMO I think false bottoms and fly sparging over-complicate the

  • Another grain storage question
    I just store open sacks in my laundry room closet, it is temp controlled and air conditioned. I
    opt not to store grain in my basement as it is more humid down there. If your storage area is
    cool and d...

  • New grain mill, now getting rubbish efficiency?
    I found that if the gap was too wide the grains go straight through without splitting. If I
    adjusted it the slightest bit closer then the handle will just spin without pulling any grain
    through. Secon...

  • Changing from 120v to 240v system.
    If the OP reduced to a 4500w element, could the 12-3 wire remain?Just a thought.Depends on your
    batch size goals, 4500 is still plenty of heat for 5 gal, and sufficient but a little slower
    for 10 gal