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  • Avid stitcher and seller of top quality BIAB Bags at reasonable prices. Custom size bags made to fit your keggle, kettle, or cooler dimensions, and satisfaction. only $22 plus $4 shipping, now offering 14 day no haggle money back guarantee (less shipping) Hop bags for boil or dry hopping available, please inquire for custom work. Thank you for your support!
  • BIAB product development
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  • Quality custom sized BIAB bags at reasonable / inexpensive pricing...many sold, all satisfied.
  • Quality custom sized BIAB bags at reasonable / inexpensive pricing...many sold, all satisfied. PM for pricing and details.
  • Custom BIAB sales and service expert, Please PM for details.
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  • BIAB Brewing (with pics)
    IMO the LD Carlson bag is too coarse, a polyester voile bag is much finer and will yield
    cleaner wort.EditGuess I'm late to the party....thanks for the plug Doug

  • Raising Temperature with RIMS
    Lol rims tube turns into a steam generator.

  • Raising Temperature with RIMS
    all hell broke loose.I like how the discussion went from exact figures to "all hell broke
    loose" lolNo data available...Might the bubbles rise and condense again in the vertical
    position while in a ho...

  • Kegco Mill?
    On a mill that I paid too much for it would seem... :smack:Please don't feel that way. At this
    point, the Kegco mills are only proven to be shiny clones with an unknown long term track
    record, while M...

  • Kegco Mill?
    Kinda irritating they didn't include bolts for base mount but this is what I did with it.
    352990The MM3 with base and hopper includes the bolts for only $312.94, plus another $30 if you
    want the handl...

  • Raising Temperature with RIMS
    .... until I notice an impact on the beer.You may never get there ;)Hoping you don't have
    enough power to denature enough of the enzymes to even make a noticeable difference.This may be
    one of those t...

  • issue with seal of mini fridge
    Thought about this a bit, the inner door liner may actually act as reinforcement to hold the
    door flat and true, if you removed and installed the liner with the door hanging on the hinges,
    the door ma...

  • Raising Temperature with RIMS
    I want to figure out how hot I can run the RIMS tube while trying to change the average mash
    temperature before I denature the enzymes.I believe the denaturing of the enzymes is both time
    and temperat...

  • How to treat and maintain properly my heating element?
    I just wipe the elements with a scrubby pad and any residue wipes off. Clean after every use
    IMO as a build up can lead to scorching IME.

  • issue with seal of mini fridge
    My guess would be the seal is installed incorrectly, or you buggered it somewhere in the
    process. I would try holding the door shut tightly with a couple bunjee cords for a few days to
    see if it will ...