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  • Avid stitcher and seller of top quality BIAB Bags at reasonable prices. Custom size bags made to fit your keggle, kettle, or cooler dimensions, and satisfaction. only $22 plus $4 shipping, now offering 14 day no haggle money back guarantee (less shipping) Hop bags for boil or dry hopping available, please inquire for custom work. Thank you for your support!
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  • Quality custom sized BIAB bags at reasonable / inexpensive pricing...many sold, all satisfied.
  • Quality custom sized BIAB bags at reasonable / inexpensive pricing...many sold, all satisfied. PM for pricing and details.
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  • Mini deep freezer to cool a fermentation chamber?
    Ok good on you! For the record, I think keggles make lousy heating vessels as the bulky bottom
    chine makes them inefficient energy wise. A $90 (shipping included) 15 gallon stainless kettle
    will pay f...

  • Mini deep freezer to cool a fermentation chamber?
    The size chamber that unit will support has a few variables. Ambient temp, how cold you want
    the chamber for lagering or cold crashing. With that said, I don't really have an answer for
    you, but I wil...

  • doing a BIAB bag in my mash tun
    Lining a standard MT with a BIAB bag is not all that uncommon. Users report cleare wort, less
    pump and chiller clogging, stuck sparge remedy by just lifting the bag a bit, and easier

  • Original Gravity
    Measuring gravity without measuring your volume accurately is sort of meaningless. Perhaps your
    volume was high, hence your gravity would in turn be low. Temperature also will effect gravity

  • Brewing / Fermenting in a stock pot
    What do y'all think about this? Silly idea? :confused:Not silly, I have been kettle fermenting
    for a few years and haven't had a problem. In addition to the lid, I also seal the kettle with
    a sheet of...

  • Small Batch Kettle Size
    This looks pretty good for small batch stovetop 2 - 3 gallon

  • soap seal
    Silly putty ftw lolThat was some good stuff, can you still buy it?Play dough is food safe, you
    can make your own if so inclined...

  • Do you really need a pid
    Running electric to set strike temp requires a pump, running manually requires stirring with a
    paddle prior to checking temp. Single vessel doesn't require a pump IMO. Add a pump to the list
    if you wa...

  • Do you really need a pid
    A 2000w element will definitely maintain a boil with a 5-6gal batch.This actually depends on
    kettle size, 2000w in a larger wider kettle won't really boil, maybe simmer....maybe. Kettle
    size / surface...

  • Do you really need a pid
    You can also drive a stick shift car without brakes. I've done it but I don't recommend it.I
    thought that was what the E brake was for. LolWell put bobby, I agree.