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  • Posted in thread: Still tasting sugar after bottling on 07-02-2013 at 05:11 AM
    You are probably tasting the sugar because it hasn't finished carbing up. If you only had 4
    gallons to bottle, 5 ounces of corn sugar seems way high - I'd be worried about bottle bombs.
    How many volum...

  • Posted in thread: Still tasting sugar after bottling on 07-02-2013 at 04:47 AM
    Did your fermentation finish out? OG vs FG? Had you tasted the wort after racking to the
    bottling bucket? I'm wondering if you blew of much of your yeast during primary and may not
    have finished out.M...

  • Posted in thread: Still tasting sugar after bottling on 07-02-2013 at 04:18 AM
    Quick question. I brewed a summer ale and its been bottled now for a week and a half. I cracked
    open a test bottle to get a feel for its carbonation and can still taste sugar. I know it's
    still early ...

  • Posted in thread: Whats Your Next Batch To Brew? on 06-20-2013 at 03:05 AM
    Just bottled my next batch of brew today. It's an easy Summer Ale just in time for summer.
    What's your next batch to brew???

  • Posted in thread: Blow off tube on 05-28-2013 at 06:19 AM
    Made a Summer Ale batch over the weekend with lemon peel and seeds of paradise. This batch
    called for Nottingham dry ale yeast and holy crap it because a volcano in the carboy and had to
    switch to a b...

  • Posted in thread: Nottingham Dry Yeast on 05-26-2013 at 04:01 AM
    Hi, I bought an ingredients kit today for a summer ale and noticed the batch is calling for
    Nottingham dry yeast. This is my first time using this yeast. I have a general idea how to use
    it from readi...

  • Posted in thread: Belgian White batch #2 on 04-01-2013 at 06:13 AM
    Got some free time tonight, so I brewed up my second back to back batch of a Belgian White. The
    first batch turned out great so I was excited to do it again!! Here's a few pics of the process

  • Posted in thread: My St. Patties Green Belgium White on 03-18-2013 at 05:11 AM
    Had to share a pic of my green Belgium White in a stein for St Patricks today! It's taste

  • Posted in thread: Fermenting Temps on 02-01-2013 at 05:47 AM
    Hi, got a quick curious question. What is a good temp range high and low while fermenting is in
    full process for Ale's? Thanks

  • Posted in thread: WJ's Holiday Ale on 12-13-2012 at 05:34 AM
    Just created some labels for my holiday ale batch I bottled last Saturday!! Pretty stoked!!
    Can't wait to crack a bottle open when it's carbonated!! I attached a pic. 88285