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  • Posted in thread: Hop Spider!! on 01-19-2012 at 04:29 AM
    I figure them as thrown in with no bag, the bag I use is pretty big and they have a good bit of
    room to move.VB

  • Posted in thread: my DIY stir plate is worthless on 07-29-2011 at 04:04 AM
    The stir bar should the the same length as the magnet, if it if too small or too big it can
    throw the stir bar off the magnet, I had the same problem until it got a stir bar that matched
    my magnet.

  • Posted in thread: Sizing a plate chiller on 07-27-2011 at 05:32 AM
    I have a 30 plate from keg cowboy. I would go at least 30 plate, 40 would be better imo.

  • Posted in thread: Has my boil kettle been poisoning me for 2 years? on 07-27-2011 at 05:27 AM
    The way I see it....the lead can`t make me any dumber than I already am.....

  • Posted in thread: SMaSHes on 07-25-2011 at 04:36 AM
    Have MO/Cascade getting kegged tomorrow. Did 10lb and 1oz at 60 and 1oz at 15, can`t wait!

  • Posted in thread: Enough of a boil? on 07-25-2011 at 04:31 AM
    I use propane and once I get my hot break I will back it off to a boil very similar, you don`t
    need a raging boil, just enough to move the wort around

  • Posted in thread: Got my first infection - why? on 07-25-2011 at 04:26 AM
    Bleach your plastics and check your fermenter bucket for scratches, if none your fine. I don`t
    know why but every cream ale I make tastes HORRIBLE, sour taste nasty smell but I lager it for
    2 weeks an...

  • Posted in thread: star san question on 07-24-2011 at 05:49 PM
    It will work with tap water, the thing is over a short time, a day or two, it will go bad.
    distilled is the best to use. the brew strong episode doctorrobert is talking about is the one
    on sanitation ...

  • Posted in thread: Dumb conical Question on 07-24-2011 at 01:39 AM
    Only time I secondary is to dry hop.

  • Posted in thread: Bottles didn't carb... on 07-24-2011 at 01:38 AM
    Uncap, drop in a coopers carb tablet and recap, 74 should be fine to carb em. Make sure to
    spray everything with starsan as you go to be safe.