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  • Canton, MI
  • New Homebrewer interested in brewing red ales similar to Killians or Smithwicks Irish Red ale
  • Automotive
  • Rob
  • Just getting started, brewed my first extract batch of Irish Red ale on 3/29/09.
  • American red ales, Belgians, brown ales, blond ales
  • Air
  • Belgian Tripel
  • Irish RED (2) Batches
    SWMBO Slayer Belgian Blond
    Experimental Brown Ale - which is awesome!
  • I don't plan on kegging at this time
  • Male
  • Married


  • Posted in thread: The "Dear" , "Sincerely" thread on 10-15-2014 at 05:09 PM
    Dear President Obola,Thanks for not shutting down flights from Liberia...Sincerely,Everyone who
    came in contact with everyone else who came in contact with everyone else who, you know, came
    in contact...

  • Posted in thread: Suggestions for a low IBU/low hops, on the sweet side Amber to brew on 09-30-2014 at 04:20 PM
    claire - I, not unlike yourself, lean more towards beers that are balanced and sometimes even a
    little on the malty side. When brewing any recipe or kit, you are in control of how much hops
    you use an...

  • Posted in thread: The "Dear" , "Sincerely" thread on 09-23-2014 at 06:29 PM
    Dear Fellow HBT Members,Thank you all for imparting your knowledge, wisdom, experience, and
    various techniques on homebrewing. I have learned many helpful things from lots of you. This is
    the first pl...

  • Posted in thread: Will extract get old? on 09-11-2014 at 02:51 PM
    I had 3 NB extract kits from 2010 that I forgot about. They were stored in a plastic tote in my
    basement which stays between 65-68 degrees. Brewed them all and they came out just fine. Maybe
    not award...

  • Posted in thread: Anybody ever try this or hear about it? on 06-12-2014 at 04:34 PM
    Has anybody heard of or tried eating hop shoots? SWMBO sent me this link yesterday and wanted
    me to print it for her. She wants to try this next spring. I'll try any food thing once, I'm
    not sure if I...

  • Posted in thread: Looking for seeds on 06-09-2014 at 04:16 PM
    Here you go Goofy - for future reference: bought lots of seeds from here, always good quality
    and we've always had good germenation rates.

  • Posted in thread: Anyone else a Ham Radio Operator? on 04-07-2014 at 07:24 PM
    I've been debating on taking both the technichan and general at the same time. I've been
    studying the online tests for about 6 weeks now and have been getting 85-95 on both every time
    I try one. So al...

  • Posted in thread: I got mine. Who got theirs? on 04-03-2014 at 06:33 PM
    Touched base w/ SWMBO, she scored 3 bottles so far and is going to another place to see if she
    can get a few more. Three are better than none I suppose.

  • Posted in thread: I got mine. Who got theirs? on 04-03-2014 at 04:03 PM
    SWMBO is out as I write this (while I'm at work) trying to score a couple 4 packs. She really
    likes Backwoods Bastard (she scored 4 4-packs last time they came out) and want's to try this
    one. Fingers...

  • Posted in thread: Shelf Life of Extract Kit on 02-17-2014 at 04:01 PM
    I had 3 extract kits that I brewed in late December - early January that had an expiration date
    of 2010 that I kind of forgot I had. I meant to brew them within 6 months of buying them but we
    got busy...

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