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  • just starting to get serious about this brewing of potions and ales :)
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  • well it all started when i was a kid. my step dad got a setup for christmas one year and i remember helping him make some beer. which was cool then he started to make sodas and other things that us kids could drink. so it was fun. about a year or two ago my parents came up for a visit, and we started taking shots and remembering things, and the discussion of brewing came up and how fun that was. one thing led to another and a week later my uncle and his now ex gf showed up at my house with a series of airlocks and gallon glass jugs and a 5gal carboy. interestingly enough. the universe dropped it into my lap :)

    ive only been playing with recipes with not much real knowlege of anything. i first started with some damiana mead, and worked up to a recipe i made inspired by my boyfriend brandon. he helped me test and taste all the weird potions i created with the different variations of the damiana mead. in short he picked all the things he LOVEd about the mead and we crafted a recipe. af
  • sparkling birch wine ?


    sparkling maple

    and other fun and tasty things that are good at solstices and equinox gatherings :)

    also REALLY REALLY LOVE ME A GOOD White beer, have tried and tasted many tasty ones but none that i woudl drink every day if i could... YET ! so i may venture off and try that sometime soon
  • Pumpkin Pie...

    roasty toasted pumpkin with various tasty harvesty spices
    cinnamon cloves allspice and GINGER :)
  • spiced Cider
    Roasted Toasted Pumpkin Honey Wine
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  • Posted in thread: bubbling carboy's in vermont :) on 10-26-2011 at 06:52 PM
    hey everyone... i totally forgot to jump in here and say hi and introduce name is
    tommy :) i live in vermont and totally love it up here. have been getting into brewing and
    started messing a...

  • Posted in thread: help with recipe, silver birch sap wine! on 10-06-2011 at 05:35 PM
    have either of you guys tried making this ?? or have found of heard about a recipe ? i wanted
    to make some for my sister's wedding. she is having a birch tree themed wedding and its shaping
    up QUITE l...

  • Posted in thread: Ginger Wine on 10-04-2011 at 05:58 PM
    well what it was is... im just getting into the brewing thing and havent done much reading or
    also dont really know too many people into it enough to talk about it. most people i know into
    it are into...

  • Posted in thread: Clove & Ginger Wine not clearing on 07-17-2011 at 12:53 AM
    Firstly I'd make sure the Demijohn/carboy is stored COLD for a few weeks (a frost free
    garage/porch/attic etc). That'll hopefully drop another sediment fairly quickly. thats good

  • Posted in thread: Ginger Wine on 07-17-2011 at 12:50 AM
    Oh darn....I thought this was a discussion or a recipe for it....not a trouble shooting thread.
    I love gingerlloll yes bUT good to read for future reference :)

  • Posted in thread: Ginger Wine to ginger beer? on 07-17-2011 at 12:46 AM
    sounds tasty :-P and it depends on the type of yeast you used it may kill the yeast... i liek
    to use a champagne yest for various types of wines and it usually has a kickass around 15 16 ?