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  • Posted in thread: I know I'm not crazy... on 03-27-2007 at 01:34 AM
    Don't worry Dude. You're not crazy.

  • Posted in thread: How much can one transport? on 03-25-2007 at 08:30 PM
    Hi;Does anyone know if there is a legal limit to the amount of beer one can transport across
    state line without a license to do so?I am thinking of a 'road trip' to Ft. Collins to pick up
    some 1554 Al...

  • Posted in thread: Fixing music/MP3 tags on 03-24-2007 at 12:21 AM
    One word... Tagscanner. It will batch generate tags based on filename, folder location, etc.
    You can also use it to edit tags manually, rename files and more. I have a similarly sized
    collection and i...

  • Posted in thread: Noo-rook? Nuruk? on 03-23-2007 at 06:09 PM
    KoG, you may want to check out this page: It has a lot of information on various Asian
    fermented beverages, including a table describing the component organisms used in fermentation.
    Nuruk vs Koji v...

  • Posted in thread: Aeration on 03-23-2007 at 01:54 AM
    You should also have a look here: here: here: maybe here:

  • Posted in thread: They say everyone has at least one car accident... on 03-23-2007 at 01:43 AM
    First, let me say that totally sucks. I have been in a few accidents in my driving lifetime,
    none of which were my fault and it is always a PITA. The commonwealth of PA uses what they call
    a "choice n...

  • Posted in thread: Avatar background on 03-22-2007 at 01:58 PM
    Try this:EEECDB = R=238, G=236, B=219

  • Posted in thread: $8 for Wyeast Activator pack !!!!! on 03-16-2007 at 02:19 AM
    You don't want to freeze slants, you need to have glycerol/glycerine in a liquid yeast stock to
    freeze it. You will kill the yeast by freezing them without.Yeah... bad choice of word "slant".
    I just m...

  • Posted in thread: screen print on 03-14-2007 at 07:32 PM
    You can try:HereorHereorHere

  • Posted in thread: Carbonation in wooden barrels? on 03-14-2007 at 02:35 PM
    The short answer to PsiWulf7's original question is that you would prime normally. That is, if
    it is a "real ale" you are going for. Look here and here for some more info on cask beers. A
    few other po...

Planning: Ned's Red (Flanders style) Primary: Niet Secondary 1: Cripple Kriek (a 'pseudo' cherry lambic) Secondary 2: Monk's Tripel... Bottled: Dark Star Brown Ale, Watership Stout, Yet to be named cider Well... a person can work up a mean, mean thirst after a hard day of nothing much at all. This kind of an area is the best place for survival because you do have good, basically intelligent, hard working, decent people and they're all armed to the teeth... and that's my kind of people.