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  • Posted in thread: Lindemans Framboise on 05-25-2010 at 09:13 PM
    Here is another recipe if you're interested, dunno how it stacks up to the other one but just

  • Posted in thread: Just tried my first lambic on 05-25-2010 at 09:00 PM
    Here is a link to a supposed Lindemans clone recipe. currently right in the middle of brewing
    this, my plan is to secondary in half gallon growlers and try different fruits (think I'll
    leave one of j...

  • Posted in thread: 1 inch blowoff tube FTW!!! on 05-25-2010 at 08:21 PM
    Yeah I used that same glass blow off tube, works great. I ordered a kit online from that store
    which included the tube. They have pretty good prices but shipping is a *****. You're lucky
    they're local...

  • Posted in thread: Juice experiments on 05-13-2010 at 10:51 PM
    reminded me of this might have been better off without adding sugar and just refrigerating
    when it tasted good right as they suggest.Edit: I tried blending some of the fermented
    cran/rasp with the or...

  • Posted in thread: Juice experiments on 05-13-2010 at 05:55 PM
    Well it's been over a month and they're still fermenting, I was obviously completely wrong
    about the OG's they're going to be sweet for sure. I tasted them all today and most are pretty
    good thought s...

  • Posted in thread: How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made? on 04-23-2010 at 09:08 PM
    That is nearly enough to fill a 15'x30' pool five feet deep. :)

  • Posted in thread: Juice experiments on 04-17-2010 at 04:13 AM
    It took 24 hours to get signs of life in all of them, but now after three days they're all
    cranking right along. The kirkland rasp/cran keeps pushing bubbles up into the airlock and
    turning my airlock...

  • Posted in thread: Juice experiments on 04-14-2010 at 03:55 AM
    Having one mediocre beer under my belt and a batch of mead still bubbling I thought I'd do an
    experimental run and see what happens. I had a couple (1/2 gallon) growlers which I'd used
    before for star...

  • Posted in thread: Irish Moss, How much? on 03-24-2010 at 06:12 PM
    Thanks for the info, I don't have any more yeast though I guess I could try taking a sample and
    starting it in a separate container. I added a 1 oz packet not 4 so maybe it will be ok.. I

  • Posted in thread: Questions on honey brown ale recipe on 03-24-2010 at 04:42 AM
    Hi, I just joined as well and I just started a batch very similar to what you are talking
    about. The recipe kit I used called for this. I used 2-3 pounds of honey, just tried to put in
    about half of t...