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  • Posted in thread: High-gravity brewing and aeration on 06-04-2014 at 04:33 AM
    No other celsius-literate people on here? Whether or not you aerated is kind of a moot point.
    I'm not surprised your beer finished in one week given the temperature at which you fermented
    (25C = 77F f...

  • Posted in thread: Best SMaSH recipe you've made??? on 06-01-2014 at 06:49 AM
    At the risk of heresy, has anyone ever done a "cheater" SMaSH with a clean bittering charge of
    warrior or magnum, and then used the real flavor hop for the rest of the brew? I'm thinking
    about trying ...

  • Posted in thread: Ferm chamber - Aldehyde issues? on 06-01-2014 at 06:20 AM
    I have had the same problem with my chest freezer. The probe taped to the side and temp at 62f.
    I think it might be a contamination in the freezer that is causing it.Aldeyhdes are a
    fermentation bypro...

  • Posted in thread: 3 in 1 Wort Chiller / Mash Tun / Jockey Box on 06-01-2014 at 04:08 AM
    First of all, awesome project man!I'm not trying to be "that guy" but a lot of people are
    nervous about running finished (carbonated) beer through copper because of its low pH. What are
    your thoughts ...

  • Posted in thread: When to transfer to secondary? on 05-15-2014 at 04:30 AM
    This is another vote NOT to move your IPA to secondary. The risk of even a little bit of
    oxidation should be more than enough to scare you off from doing it. Unless you're doing a
    quadruple IPA with l...

  • Posted in thread: Is there an unavoidable "homebrew" taste? on 05-15-2014 at 02:02 AM
    9. First 24-36 hour of fermentation is done in a chest freezer @ 58F. Increase the temeperature
    to 65F for the next week or so. Bring it up to 68F for the last couple days.We've never had an

  • Posted in thread: The Great Hydra Giveaway! on 05-15-2014 at 12:34 AM
    IN...agaddadavida? :cross:

  • Posted in thread: Acetaldehyde in kegged beer on 04-07-2014 at 05:57 AM
    I"m finding this a little late, but what yeast strain did you use to ferment this beer? You
    said you've had some acetaldehyde in other beers as well. Were these same beers fermented with
    the same yeas...

  • Posted in thread: all my beer taste the same on 04-07-2014 at 05:40 AM
    After reading all these theories, I want to give another vote to look at your water profile.As
    an aside, Palmer says that in order to not have medicinal flavors, you should rinse (in this
    case, your f...

  • Posted in thread: SoCal Homebrew Fest Needs Your Help on 04-07-2014 at 05:23 AM
    subbed and seriously considering leaving the grandmother of all nanny states in this country.


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