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  • Posted in thread: Weird fermentation? on 01-10-2012 at 12:19 AM
    So I brewed a higher gravity porter (1.065) and used Wyeast 1056...I didn't have a starter, and
    I had an extra pouch of 1056 that I had forgot about that was still good...I dumped both smack
    packs in,...

  • Posted in thread: Cracked carboy on 09-10-2011 at 01:29 AM
    So, I have found a good 3 inch crack in my carboy about 5 days into primary fermentation. It
    looks like a surface crack, but worries me nonetheless. Should I just take the hit of
    potentially being off...

  • Posted in thread: Co2 psi problems on 07-23-2011 at 09:51 PM
    So, I have my 5# co2 tank hooked up to my corny keg. The chest freezer is set to 38 degrees
    with a compensation of 2 degrees. I set the gauge to just under 12psi. The problem is that the
    psi keeps dro...

  • Posted in thread: Cask conditioning in corny! on 07-05-2011 at 10:51 PM
    Any advice for cask conditioning in a corny keg? Mainly venting...what is a solid approach for
    venting before serving?

  • Posted in thread: !!!CaraMalt Substitute!!! on 06-25-2011 at 10:01 PM
    I am getting some ingredients together for a Mild, but my brew supply shop doesn't carry
    CaraMalt. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a substitute?

  • Posted in thread: Belgian Table Beer on 03-14-2011 at 09:59 PM
    Sounds like a plan, gentlemen. I will give it shot on my next brew day. Thanks a million!

  • Posted in thread: Belgian Table Beer on 03-14-2011 at 05:29 PM
    I would like to try brewing an all grain table beer. Any suggestions as how to achieve
    1.5%-3.5% alcohol content and still get some flavor?

  • Posted in thread: Trouble setting up johnson controls a419 on 09-08-2010 at 02:27 AM
    So, I have been messing with the unit, but it keeps dipping into the high fifties. What about
    my freezer settings? I have it set to it's lowest setting, but I figured that wouldn't matter.
    I don't min...

  • Posted in thread: Trouble setting up johnson controls a419 on 09-05-2010 at 04:27 AM
    I just bought a Holiday 5.0 cubic ft chest freezer to ferment and store. I want to make sure
    that I am setting my Johnson Controls A419 thermostat correctly. I am brand new to this
    contraption, so any...