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  • Posted in thread: Want (need?) Amarillo or Simcoe!!!! on 01-13-2012 at 05:31 AM
    Word. Thanks!EDIT: what?!? I paid about $0.75/oz bulk at HopsDirect... Freshops wants $2.30/oz
    for Simcoe... no thanks! Offer still stands.Dude, Simcoe and Amarillo cost more than the other
    hops what ...

  • Posted in thread: My first IPA. (citra) on 01-13-2012 at 04:16 AM
    Yes, flameout hops provide more flavor than 10-5 min additions because nothing is boiled away
    with the steam. The 60-30-15 hop schedule is outdated, most commercial IPA's use very late
    additions to cr...

  • Posted in thread: My first IPA. (citra) on 01-12-2012 at 11:07 PM
    Okay, thanks for the quick responses! Here is what I have so far now, let me know what you
    think:10lbs 2 row1 lb victory12 oz caramel 604 oz cara foam1 oz citra. 60min1 oz citra. 10min1
    oz citra. 5 mi...

  • Posted in thread: What should my next purchase be? on 01-11-2012 at 06:18 AM
    Turkey fryer with stock pot. Theres one online that is 8.5 gallon (34qt) stainless with burner
    for around $100 or less. You can also get a 7.5 gallon aluminum pot with burner for around $60
    pretty eas...

  • Posted in thread: So, yeah, BOIL the wort, THEN can it on 01-08-2012 at 08:27 PM
    Yup, that will work just fine.Remember to leave headspace in the jars. I filled to the top and
    of course the jar cracked.

  • Posted in thread: I completely underestimated role of oxygen on 01-08-2012 at 08:22 PM
    I'm on my second batch using pure o2 and it's been impressive to say the least. The beers are
    tasting so damn good so early that it seems impossible. I just sampled what will eventually
    (hopefully) be...

  • Posted in thread: Need Pliny - Do me a solid? on 01-06-2012 at 06:22 AM
    If you want a novelty, and the best IPA I've ever had (I've been to RR), Cigar City's Humidor
    Series IPA is it. Aged on Spanish Cedar, it's mind-blowing. IMO, of course ;)Weird. I'm a huge
    CCB fanboy ...

  • Posted in thread: Hop, degradation in taste/smell after botteling on 01-06-2012 at 06:15 AM
    IPAs are best consumed immediately. I've had 1 month and 2 month old Jai Alai side by side and
    it was kind of shocking. Fresh= floral, bright aromaMy liquor store has 3 month expired
    latitude 48 decon...

  • Posted in thread: Can Oxiclean scratch plastic? on 01-06-2012 at 05:45 AM
    Scratches aren't a big deal. All buckets come with tons of scratches and huge gashes. Rub your
    hand over the inside of a brand new bucket the next time you are at the LHBS.

  • Posted in thread: Bayou Classic SQ14 on Amazon $42.75 on 01-06-2012 at 04:48 AM
    Is there a taller version of this? Or leg extensions?