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27 years old


  • When not helping out Uncle Sam I'm living the a full American life as a college student and working on the family farm. I go to Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, TN and am currently a double majore. I'm shooting for a BS in both Agriculture with a concentration in Agricultural Engineering Technologies and a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I've met all the requirements for the AG degree just now have a few more semesters left to go for the ME. I proudly am a brother of the Kappa Mu Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity on Tech, and will continue to be until the day I die. I tend to stay pretty busy, but when I can fit it in I play prop for the tech rugby club. For all you other ruggers you know the good times to follow with beer after a match.
  • Home brewing,farming,carpentry,tiling,land scaping,fishing,hunting,learning German,and working on autos
  • Pro College Student
  • Justin Lee Marek
  • Country music with a bit of blue grass on occassion sings directly to my soul. The Nashville artist of today and the old as well as those Texas bands are the usuals being played through my speakers. Of coarse though when it comes time to work out or get amped up and change out of my slow easy living lifestyle I turn the knob over to the faster paced hard rock and metal bands to send my adrenaline level threw the roof.
  • Gladiator, Forest Gump, Beer Fest, Remember the Titans, Robin Hood, Animal House, Gone in 60s....I watch a lot of movies so usually if you talk about it I've seen it.
  • if it comes on History, Discovery, CMT, the Outdoor, or Great American Country channel then I'm usually watching it
  • ASME, Kappa Sigma, TTU Rugby, Ducks Unlimited, FFA, Ag Engr Club, US ARMY
  • only have managed to float quite a few in my time of living thus far
  • Single
  • New Johnsonville
  • TN