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  • Posted in thread: "Everything but the kitchen sink" Nut Brown Ale on 11-25-2015 at 04:25 PM
    That might be a little much on the caramel/crystal type malts (27oz between the C60, C80, and
    Victory, and technically the Carafiam counts too, which would make it all of 30oz in your
    recipe.) Persona...

  • Posted in thread: Micro oxygenation with a chop stick on 11-23-2015 at 10:02 PM
    For the record, I agree with sweetcell. I do anything and everything I can think off to reduce
    O2. Nonetheless, this is an interesting take on an existing practice.

  • Posted in thread: Micro oxygenation with a chop stick on 11-23-2015 at 06:31 PM
    Interesting idea. Did you do anything to sterilize the chopstick? Do you think the full length
    of the chopstick is necessary, or would it work just as well to truncate it above the beer so
    the two don...

  • Posted in thread: How do you kill this stuff? on 11-23-2015 at 06:25 PM
    Maybe the glass isn't probable, but it is possible. I don't know much about it, but I do know
    that Brett and LAB can create biofilms on glass and stainless equipment, which may not be
    easily cleaned.

  • Posted in thread: Yeast bay farmhouse sour got too hot, will bad flavors mellow with time?? on 11-19-2015 at 06:03 PM
    "Medicinal" sounds like it could be chlorophenols. In any case, I agree, I don't see it aging
    out. So, keeping it to see just depends on if you can spare the carboy. If it is chlorophenols,
    though, th...

  • Posted in thread: Brett AFTER a kettle sour on 11-19-2015 at 01:18 AM
    I've done two kettle sours.The first was fermented 100% with ECY04 Brett Anomala. Very nice and
    fruity.The second was fermented with ECY08 Saison Brasserie, then split in half. One half I'm
    drinking n...

  • Posted in thread: To Secondary or Not? John Palmer and Jamil Zainasheff Weigh In on 11-18-2015 at 11:30 PM
    I think it's worth noting that flocculation is not the same thing as dropping out of
    suspension.Flocculation is the formation of floccs, where yeast groups together. The groups
    inevitably drop out bec...

  • Posted in thread: High ABV / High IBU Souring Experiment on 11-16-2015 at 07:01 PM
    I'd say dregs for sure. I'd probably wake up the dregs with a small starter, just to get them
    ready for the job.

  • Posted in thread: Can starsan pose problems to yeast health and growth when rehydrating my dry yeast? on 11-14-2015 at 05:21 PM
    StarSan works by virtue of being a low pH environment. If you dumped your dry yeast into a
    solution of StarSan, it probably wouldn't be good. However, once StarSan has done it's thing on
    your equipmen...

  • Posted in thread: Too much water. Advice please. on 11-14-2015 at 07:37 AM
    RDWHAHBYou've got a good session beer in the pipeline now. It is what it is, and I'm sure til
    be just dandy.

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