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  • Supermechanical makes everyday objects that connect us and allow us to do more while worrying less. Range is our smart kitchen thermometer for iOS devices. It is food-safe, heatproof to 450F, hand-washable (and submersible), and has a tough 54" high-temperature, moisture-proof silicone cable that connects to the Range app on your device. Range lets you get alerts on all your iOS devices, and watch the graph of temperature over time, and export the data in a .csv to compare batches and easily replicate your best brew. We know temperature control is important in homebrewing and we're control freaks too. (Why else would we make such a precise cooking tool?) We like to be hands-on to control the quality of our products - so Range is assembled in Texas out of 82.3% American parts, more than any Ford or Chevy.
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  • Range smart thermometer discount codes, free shipping
    No, submerging Range in hot wort shouldn't be a problem at all. (It's possible that the
    reviewer you're talking about just had a bum unit, and hasn't responded yet to our customer
    service.) Range laug...

  • Range smart thermometer discount codes, free shipping
    I wish; I have a Lumia 925 myself. But we just don't have the resources for it right now,
    unless Microsoft wants to pay us to do it! You can always sign up for our mailing list at the
    bottom of and ...

  • Range smart thermometer discount codes, free shipping
    Hi - thanks for the interest, guys. As I explained earlier in the thread, there's too much
    variety in Android hardware to do a compatible version of Range, at least for a small team like
    ourselves.If ...

  • Range smart thermometer discount codes, free shipping
    Randomly, we are doing this again just until tomorrow (Saturday). Use the code MASH10 when you
    get an Aqua Range from our store and save $10. Domestic shipping is always free.

  • Range smart thermometer discount codes, free shipping
    A reminder that this code expires today! If you get a bundle of Aqua and one of the grilling
    models (Ember or Coal), you save another $10.

  • Range smart thermometer discount codes, free shipping
    Range uses all 4 rings in the headphone jack (audio out for power, mic for communication), and
    unfortunately the position of the microphone ring is not consistent in all makes of Android
    phone. We'd l...

  • Range smart thermometer discount codes, free shipping
    We're based in Austin and make a precision smartphone thermometer (82.3% in the US). Range is
    made of food-safe silicone and stainless steel and can be submerged in your wort. It can read
    the temp i...

  • Range Smart Thermometer
    Mark, glad your Range is working well so far. I grill twice a week with mine! When you say
    you've found a learning curve with the app, what's been tricky? We of course want to improve it
    until it's de...

  • Range Smart Thermometer
    Great feedback! We'll incorporate some of this stuff in the near future. And good news, Range
    already does alerts on falling temperatures: if you hold your finger down on an existing alert,
    it will to...

  • Range Smart Thermometer
    Awesome, glad it's working for you so far. Did Range help with any particularly tricky brews?
    We'd rrrreally appreciate any good reviews on Austin Homebrew's page ( ) or Amazon, and of
    course word o...