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  • Posted in thread: Bad contactor? on 01-28-2015 at 01:56 AM
    I built a 120V e-HERMS system about 2.5 years ago and during my last batch, the contactor
    started sparking (not a lot, but obviously any sparks are bad news). I was able to complete my
    brew without th...

  • Posted in thread: MLT Return - Top or side? on 01-26-2015 at 05:32 PM
    Beacuse you will lose volume I would suggest the lidDo you have a similar setup? I guess my
    concern is the logistics of moving the lid during the mash.Do you screw the lid on all the way
    or just leave...

  • Posted in thread: MLT Return - Top or side? on 01-26-2015 at 05:18 PM
    I'm looking at buying a 10 gal cooler to replace my old rectangular cooler MLT in my HERMS
    system.I plan to return the wort to the cooler via loc line and have seen that a lot of people
    install the re...

  • Posted in thread: Mold in fermentation fridge on 12-25-2014 at 06:01 PM
    The mini fridge that I use for my fermentation chamber has developed some mold in various
    places after not using it for a month or two. The issue I'm having is that the door is
    currently cardboard on ...

  • Posted in thread: Overriding orAL error on PID on 10-14-2014 at 04:26 PM
    Thanks a bunch. yeah I run my sparge through it as well so maybe my PBW is overkill. I guess
    with the copper I'm more worried about verdigris than sanitizing.

  • Posted in thread: Overriding orAL error on PID on 10-14-2014 at 04:15 PM
    Thanks for the info! Since I have an RTD connected to terminals 3, 4, and 5 I guess I can then
    set it to SN = 0 and then connect the two pins on the XLR connectors that go to terminals 4 and
    5 with so...

  • Posted in thread: Drying plate chiller on 10-13-2014 at 11:17 PM
    So I have a plate chiller and recently started using this to read the output of the wort: the
    past, I've used the oven @250F for 30 min or so to help dry out the chiller. Is there any
    reason why this...

  • Posted in thread: Overriding orAL error on PID on 10-13-2014 at 11:08 PM
    So for my HERMS system I just recently switch to an RTD setup similar to this: is that I don't
    typically use any temperature sensing for the boil but when I unplug the RTD, I get the orAL
    error becau...

  • Posted in thread: FastRack Party Pack Giveaway! - Open to All Members! on 07-24-2014 at 05:27 PM
    posty post

  • Posted in thread: Bottling a doppelbock - add yeast or no? on 07-06-2014 at 02:52 AM
    I've done some searching and have gotten mixed answers.I brewed a doppelbock (OG 1.092) back in
    March. I had it in primary for about 4 weeks and it's been lagering for 9 weeks. I'm looking to
    bottle i...


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