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  • Posted in thread: Attention Canadians! Discount code! on 11-24-2011 at 08:05 PM
    Awesome. About to get into kegging. Code please.

  • Posted in thread: BIAB without the Nylon Bag? on 06-17-2011 at 08:51 PM
    BPA is used in producing Polycarbonates. Nylon and Polyester are not Polycarbonates and should
    therefore be BPA free.This is really good to know since I share OP's concern. So what about the
    type of h...

  • Posted in thread: Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway on 06-01-2011 at 08:20 PM

  • Posted in thread: Mill Street Tankhouse Ale Recipe on 04-21-2011 at 04:30 PM
    I've actually had so much Tankhouse last year that I grew tired of it (although I can now say
    the same for Flying Monkey Hoptical Illusion). This is making me want to pick up a 6 for this
    weekend. Nic...

  • Posted in thread: Bottle conditioned IPAs... on 03-15-2011 at 08:16 PM
    I have my first IPA fermenting right now and I also bottle condition, so I'm in the same boat
    as you bovineblitz. I'm also using US-05 and I plan on dryhopping with 1.5 oz.My previous brew
    was a basic...

  • Posted in thread: Does this recipe need Carapils or no? on 03-11-2011 at 09:53 PM
    The first brew I made was very similar to this (1 lb of crystal and no carapils). It was
    slightly sweet and VERY tasty. If anything, I would even say there was too much body/head
    retention -- which is...

  • Posted in thread: Citra APA recipe feedback on 03-07-2011 at 02:06 AM
    Hey, how did this turn out? I'm planning my next brew which is going to be very similar to this
    (Magnum, Citra and Cascade). I've heard it's really easy to over-do it with Citra...

  • Posted in thread: So I figured out why I'm not hitting my OG ... on 03-06-2011 at 06:53 PM
    ...& the 23L mark on my Cooper's fermenter is 6.072 US gallons. I went to
    for some conversion formulas. Where did your fermenter come from that it's marked in imperial

  • Posted in thread: So I figured out why I'm not hitting my OG ... on 03-06-2011 at 03:24 PM
    This might turn into a rant so I apologize in advance.I'm an extract brewer doing partial
    boils. I've been using the markings on my plastic bucket to add water to reach 5 gallons.
    However I've always ...

  • Posted in thread: CaraAmber from Weyermann on 03-03-2011 at 01:30 AM
    Yeah, that's what I thought too. Then I see other comments like this: more than just those
    two, those are what I found with a quick search. Then just as many saying it's fine for
    steeping. I'll admit...