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  • Posted in thread: Stc-1000+ on 03-17-2015 at 03:23 PM
    Thought you guys might be interested in this. I used an EL-USB-1 submerged in the beer, a
    EL-USB-2 sitting next to the fermenter, and the probe from the STC1000+ taped to the side of
    the better bottle...

  • Posted in thread: Adding Oxygen To Wort Before Or After Pitching Yeast? on 03-03-2015 at 02:13 PM
    I wouldn't be surprised at all if a big part of the O2 before yeast comes from the pro brewer
    scene. I'd wager it is just a lot easier to add O2 in-line as the wort exits the chiller and
    goes into the...

  • Posted in thread: Home water testing (alkalinity) on 02-02-2015 at 06:29 PM
    Yep.(4.15 mL) (N/50)*(1000/100) = 2.075 mEq/L (4.15 mL) (N/50)*(1000/100)*50 = 41.5 ppm as
    CaCO3 Compare the shape of the curve to the charge on carbo graph (turned on its side) in
    Palmer's book if yo...

  • Posted in thread: Home water testing (alkalinity) on 02-02-2015 at 05:19 PM
    This thread sparked my interest so I tried a titration. I had some certified N/50 H2SO4 (.02N).
    That 50 should seem familiar as it's what we use to convert equivalents to ppm. I calibrated my
    pH meter...

  • Posted in thread: Stc-1000+ on 01-27-2015 at 06:05 PM
    the other one I am going to hard wire, and install into the top plastic part, of my $50 Craig's
    list fermentation chamber.Do you have any links on how to do this. I've been on-and-off looking
    for a du...

  • Posted in thread: How do YOU customize your water on 01-26-2015 at 08:50 PM
    I ONLY use additions to lower pH in the form of calcium chloride or gypsum or acid malt. So is
    there any reason to add any of those into the sparge water?Adding calcium to the sparge will
    most likely ...

  • Posted in thread: How do YOU customize your water on 01-26-2015 at 08:44 PM
    Would the act of sparging move the minerals into the kettle and end up with a wort comprise of
    the same mineral content as if you had treated all the water?No. Soluble minerals will be moved
    to the ke...

  • Posted in thread: How do YOU customize your water on 01-26-2015 at 08:38 PM
    I do my calculations for salt and acid additions based on mash only. I treat the sparge water
    separately with acid only.I use Palmer's spreadsheet (with some modifications thanks to Bill
    Pierce and a ...

  • Posted in thread: Would STC-1000's work in place of the PID's? on 01-26-2015 at 08:33 PM
    I use a STC1000 on my eHLT. I do use it to drive a SSR but that's not any different that what
    you'd have to do with most PID's anyway.

  • Posted in thread: Replace the relay in a STC1000 on 12-28-2014 at 03:40 PM
    So I hooked it up and I get 12 v DC across 2 contacts. I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to
    picking electrical equipment; what should I search for on amazon to come up with the right
    relay? I've used ...

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