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  • Started in 2007. Was perfectly happy with my extract stovetop brews chilled in a sink of ice but now I have mash tuns, 10 Gal kettles, patio burner, three 6.5 gal carboys, recirculating wort chiller, weird bags and jars of stuff like brewing salts and foam control, freakin' stirplate, temperature controlled fermentation chamber, etc....

    WTF did I get into?
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  • Posted in thread: Worst. IPA. Ever. on 12-27-2014 at 03:10 AM
    Well fork me silly, I never saw this reply! Well Smiz, no snark implied or intended at that
    time. What exactly would you like to know about my brewing capabilities? Do you have any
    yourself or are you...

  • Posted in thread: What craft beer do you secretly despise? on 12-22-2014 at 07:42 PM
    I think Celebration is fantastic this year.While far from despising, I'm getting irked with
    Stone's beers lately. Weird flavoring agents that don't work and just don't seem like honest
    beers. What hap...

  • Posted in thread: Critique my Brew Notes: on 12-22-2014 at 06:27 PM
    Looks pretty good. Be sure to record your total packaged batch size and the priming sugar
    amount, this has helped my dial in carb levels.On the mash note, you should put your strike
    water in your tun ...

  • Posted in thread: Dry Hop in Primary Bucket on 12-21-2014 at 10:39 PM
    I wouldn't worry too much about oxidation. It's very hard to do. Most of what you read on here
    is overkill about oxidizing your beer.Apparently you don't judge beer....

  • Posted in thread: Dry Hop & Oxygen Concern on 12-21-2014 at 01:43 PM
    Guys guys guys....This just doesn't happen in your carboy/bucket that's been sitting in around
    for weeks with the lids being taken off periodically and such. My point is that you're not
    working in con...

  • Posted in thread: Dry Hop in Primary Bucket on 12-20-2014 at 07:13 PM
    yes, exactly how I do it as well

  • Posted in thread: How long do you ferment? on 12-20-2014 at 04:56 PM
    Hmm, sounds like I need to do better:tank:thinking this will be my next step and hopefully I
    get better beer:off:thanks guys Yoop said, if you drink it fast it might not be a problem, it
    takes some t...

  • Posted in thread: How long do you ferment? on 12-20-2014 at 04:04 PM
    Personally, I don't recommend the bulk aging thing.Number one, beer is best fresh. Very rarely
    is a 5 month old beer better than a 1 month old beer.Second, oxygen is the average homebrewers
    biggest pr...

  • Posted in thread: Dry Hop & Oxygen Concern on 12-20-2014 at 03:56 PM
    keep in mind that O2 is lighter than CO2 and will layer above the CO2 ... so whenever you have
    an active fermenting beer a layer of CO2 above the beer drives the oxygen up Sorry, but this is
    just ridi...

  • Posted in thread: Dry Hop in Primary Bucket on 12-20-2014 at 03:43 PM
    I typically brew with whole leaf. I bought a dedicated coffee grinder for my dry hops. I mill
    them very fine and I dry hop in primary. If you can get your fermenter in the fridge, they will
    drop down ...

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