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  • Posted in thread: low mash temps on 03-02-2014 at 03:14 PM
    The rackers calculators site is very good. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew

  • Posted in thread: How many burners off of 1 tank?? on 03-02-2014 at 03:07 PM
    Running three turkey fryers off of one tank, depending on how big the burners, I would worry
    about freezing the tank. When I run just oneo f my big burners on a tank, I have to watch it or
    the tank wi...

  • Posted in thread: New to AG and have a couple of questions?? on 03-02-2014 at 02:53 PM
    Doing a 10 gallon batch typically requires a 12 ish gallon boil. Depending on how your keggle
    is cut, that's going to be really tight. A 10 gallon cooler should get you enough grain for
    some 10 gallon...

  • Posted in thread: Barley Mill/Crusher on 11-09-2012 at 06:42 PM
    Absolutely agree with the barley crusher. If you recirculate, look at malt conditioning (the
    hbt wiki is really good) to get a more 'precise' crush. Really allows me to get crystal cEar
    wort into the ...

  • Posted in thread: Nice article on how AB InBev is trying to destroy good beer for higher profits on 11-02-2012 at 04:22 PM
    But you must take into consideration another fact. Population growth. The US population in
    July*1870 : 38.56 millionThe US population in July 1920 : 106.46 millionThe US population in
    July 2012 : 313....

  • Posted in thread: BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG) on 10-20-2012 at 05:06 AM
    It's not the only thing on tap. :drunk:And it was a 10 gallon batch.Hell, it's not even the
    only BM recipe on tap.Aaannnnnddddd winter starts, and stops, early and frequently here. So
    it's not even th...

  • Posted in thread: BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG) on 10-20-2012 at 05:00 AM
    You need to step your game up! :drunk:It's not the only thing on tap. :drunk:And it was a 10
    gallon batch.

  • Posted in thread: BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG) on 10-19-2012 at 03:55 AM
    Brewed this about 3 weeks ago. straight to the keg, 40 psi overnight. And it's amazing. great
    head, perfect lacing, huge flavor, well balanced, caramelly (according to my roommate) and
    everything an o...

  • Posted in thread: Plastic Favors in Pumpkin Ale Two Years in a Row on 10-15-2012 at 12:53 AM
    Just as a heads up, if your water supply authority uses chloramine instead of chlorine, and
    many do, pre boiling the water is not going to eliminate the chlorine in the ions because they
    are not free ...

  • Posted in thread: new to brewing! Equipment suggestions? on 10-10-2012 at 06:38 PM
    Start with a pot that you can do full size boils in. If you do want to get more complex, you'll
    appreciate already having the bigger kettle.


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