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  • Posted in thread: My dog keeps pissing on my hops! on 03-15-2009 at 01:01 AM
    cayenne pepper. Sprinkle it liberally anywhere you don't want them to go, they sniff before
    they pee and they won't like this smell at all. The hops might be a good peppered variety too
    :)I've heard m...

  • Posted in thread: My horrible, yet functional, brew sculpture on 02-23-2009 at 04:59 PM
    1) crank up the heat 2) take your timeGet into a comfortable position so that you can slowly
    and calmly swirl your way down the joint. Overlap swirls and go slow enough to make a puddle of
    melted base...

  • Posted in thread: secondary for cider? on 02-22-2009 at 02:36 AM
    Following the advice on here regarding not xsfering to 2ndary for cider... I bottled one 5 gal
    batch after 2-3 weeks in primary and added 5 more gallons of the same musselmen's apple cider
    into the fe...

  • Posted in thread: Anyone willing to analyze my water?? on 11-24-2008 at 04:12 PM
    I don't know about your water....butPalmer says soft water is good for brewing b/c you can add
    various salts to change the profile. This lets you match the historic ground water from
    whatever region y...

  • Posted in thread: Anyone ride ATV's on 11-20-2008 at 05:55 PM
    '95 kodiak 400...interco swamp-lites. workhorse and still going strong.

  • Posted in thread: Favorite WINTER beer? on 11-18-2008 at 05:18 PM
    Mad Elf will send you stumbling out into the snow...

  • Posted in thread: Sweetening options on 11-18-2008 at 03:58 PM
    I don't think campden tablets alone will prevent refermentation. I'd use campden tablets and
    potassium sorbate before adding any sweetener..There seems to be conflicting opinions on
    this...Is it "safe...

  • Posted in thread: An Embarassingly Humbling Question... on 11-06-2008 at 12:55 PM
    A few ways to start a flow: You can suck on the end, but as you said you risk contamination. In
    an emergency, some people have swished some vodka, or other strong alcohol in their mouth and
    then sucke...

  • Posted in thread: Sweetening options on 11-06-2008 at 12:39 PM
    You can add whatever sweetener you want to the still batch since you're using tablets.
    Personally, I'm thinking brown sugar disolved in a few pints of apple juice for the batch I
    have fermenting now. ...

  • Posted in thread: Hot water heater closet on 11-06-2008 at 12:18 PM
    Got to think about venting CO if you use gas burners to heat while you're working inside the
    closet, otherwise it might become a sort of crypt for your corpse. :drunk: Keep it safe!just
    reread SORRY! ...