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  • Posted in thread: Breakfast stout...what temp to ferment? on 12-31-2016 at 02:58 AM
    Do you mind posting the recipe?I love stouts. I have a chocolate stout in the secondary.If the
    fermentation temp isn't bang on, it should still be good. Stouts are very forgiving beers.

  • Posted in thread: My first brew! on 12-16-2016 at 04:57 AM
    I wouldn't strain the beer. It could be a messy hassle. Learn to love the trub. Just siphon it
    off the trub to the secondary a few days after the fermentation stops.

  • Posted in thread: 34/70 in a Stout? on 12-16-2016 at 04:53 AM
    I would use British Ale I yeast for an oatmeal stout. It's a style that should have a robust
    body and that is not what 34/70 would do.By the way, I brewed a Munich Dunkel with 34/70 it is
    a beer to re...

  • Posted in thread: Critique This Recipe on 10-18-2016 at 01:58 AM
    This is the Recipe for Fall Down Brown. My friend got the recipe from the Great Fermentations
    website:9.5# 2 row.5 chocolate malt 1# crystal 120.5 biscuit1 oz glacier at 60.5 oz cascade at
    15mash 152 ...

  • Posted in thread: 4 days into fermentation on 09-15-2016 at 02:47 AM
    Congrats on your first all grain!Posting the recipe would help folks answer your question.I
    know its hard to be patient but do try. A beer at 1.010 is probably done but leaving it on the
    yeast cake fo...

  • Posted in thread: oops, rookie mistake - starters on 09-15-2016 at 02:27 AM

  • Posted in thread: No hot break in my boil on 09-10-2016 at 02:37 PM
    Just cooled some wort and did a hydrometer reading. 1.055. Bang on.The wort tastes somewhat
    sweet at least. Perhaps I didn't get full conversion and the hydrometer is false due to
    unconverted starches...

  • Posted in thread: No hot break in my boil on 09-10-2016 at 02:27 PM
    Hey guys,I just checked my boil and I don't have any frothy hot break layer. Just a boil.It's a
    10 g batch of all grain brown ale. I've brewed this recipe before.My mash water tasted sweet so
    I would ...

  • Posted in thread: Hop suggestions for Cream Ale on 07-15-2016 at 02:36 PM
    Thanks for your input.I tried Jamil's hop schedule with Liberty and didn't like it much. Too
    lemony if that makes sense. I have been using Hallertauer as a flavour hop in my pilsners and
    find I prefer...

  • Posted in thread: Hop suggestions for Cream Ale on 07-15-2016 at 01:32 AM
    Hey guys,I have been successful with this recipe for Cream Ale. I am looking for some ideas
    about a good hop schedule:5# pale1#corn1#rice1.2#torrified wheatMashed 60 mins at 150.Brittish
    Ale II (My fa...

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