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  • I love home brewing (obviously). I love meeting people who appreciate the craft of making great beer, good food, and great times. rnrnProst!!
  • Brewing (obviously),Cooking, Collecting Comics and figures
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  • Sina Jashfar
  • Primus, Rammstein, Mastodon
  • Star Wars, Indiana Jones,
  • South Park, Arrested development, Always sunny in Philadelphia, Big Bang Theory
  • comics
  • Flanders Red (the wait is going to KILL me!)rnrnBock and Belgium style
  • Caribou SlobberrnOud Bruin De Table (Roeselare Ale Blend)rnOud Bruin De Table (Dredge from 10 bottles of Sours)
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  • Copper MerlinrnHypno Toad Ale (Hybrid)-rnCalifornia Pale Ale-rnCherry Wheat-rnOatmeal Coffee Stout-rnOatmeal Coffee Stout (Pacman Yeast)
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  • Added a new Photo on 02/22/2012

  • Posted in thread: Fridge & Fermenting Temp Control - Quick Question on 02-09-2012 at 07:14 AM
    Not sure if you decided on a method, but this is what I did for my heating temp control. I
    connected a small 1500 watt fan heater to my Electrical Johnson control that is attached to my
    fermentation c...

  • Posted in thread: HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway on 02-07-2012 at 04:44 AM
    Holy moly! Yes please!!

  • Posted in thread: Wyeast Roselare - Aerate Wort Before Pitching? on 02-02-2012 at 06:20 PM
    The beer has been in secondary about three months now. A couple weeks ago when I checked, the
    gravity was at 1.019. The aroma was sweet with a little touch of sherry. The flavor was
    slightly caramelly...

  • Posted in thread: Wyeast Roselare - Aerate Wort Before Pitching? on 02-02-2012 at 04:41 PM
    jamest22, curious to know how this is coming along. I will be brewing Oud Bruin De Table
    tonight and will be using the Roselare Blend.

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  • Posted in thread: spoiled 1st brew? =( on 11-21-2009 at 09:35 PM
    I made my first brew 6 days ago a Muntons Wheat extract. It stoped boubling and I have checked
    the S.G. three times on three different days and its stayin at 1012 from an O.G. of 1046. The
    temp has va...

  • Posted in thread: Bottling question- Critique my steps please? on 11-14-2009 at 08:55 PM
    I will dip them in star san right before I fill it with brew. It is a wet process but it gives
    me peace of mind.

  • Posted in thread: Labels that make you pass up a beer on 11-04-2009 at 08:56 PM
    Another one that irritates me is those Rogue labels, they always just have somebody on there
    with a beer in one hand and their other hand making a first in the air. They literally could
    not be less cr...

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